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Twitter User “Clandestine” Posts White Hat Epstein Theory


I’m passing this along because I found it interesting.

This is 100% speculation and pure theory, posted by Twitter user @RodSneaky and going by the name “Clandestine”. 

It’s not necessarily my opinion, but I did find it interesting so I thought you should see it.  

So here we go, I’ll just let you read it:



If you're having trouble reading those Tweets, here is the full chain in text:

1) Let me break this down for you all who are, predictably, overreacting and allowing your emotions to cloud your logic.

Whatever the media is telling you about Epstein is not the actual story. It’s the story that white hats want the public to see. Remember, this is a show.

2) You all think that the highest of high profile prisoner, indicted on child sex trafficking, with disturbing dirt on the Clintons and deep state politicians, is being held without 24/7 surveillance?

You think he is given the tools and freedom to commit suicide?


3) Epstein has and still is under 24/7 high military security in a holding cell nowhere near where any of the reports will tell you.

You think Trump, while under attack from the deep state, is going to let his smoking gun go unsupervised? NOOOO.

Folks. This is all theater.

4) Look at how much this benefits us.

Firstly, “We have it all”. The man is already indicted. The intel all gathered. The island seized. The victims interviewed. The tunnels cleansed. This doesn’t stop those involved from being prosecuted.

The investigation already happened.

5) Secondly, this is bringing colossal amounts of eyes back to the Epstein situation after the Mockingbird media has been pushing “Muh racist” and “Muh gun control” for weeks. This is a refocus/narrative shift.

Now even the sheep have to admit something shady is happening.

6) Now we are getting full blown speculation in the minds of the sheep.

“Oh shit is the deep state real?”
“Damn someone really wanted him dead.”
“Doesn’t he have extremely close connections to the Clintons?”

People will have to have this internal conversation with themselves. 

Did CBS Just Publish The Infamous “Clinton Kill List”?

7) Now even the most mainstream and straight edge of blue checkmarks are tweeting about how they aren’t conspiracy theorists but something shady is going on.

This Epstein situation is helping us tremendously. His “death” doesn’t hinder us in any way.

We need the sheep to think.

8) This story is going to make them think.

Was it a hit job? Who wanted him dead? Was he just ashamed of his crimes? If innocent, would he commit suicide?

Folks. The reports that Epstein committed suicide CONFIRMS the magnitude of what’s going on here.

The world is watching.

9) I already see so many of you doom criers. “Deep state is in control! Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing!”

This is ridiculous. If the deep state was in control, Epstein would still be on his satanic pedo island with Bill and this story never would have come to surface.

10) In conclusion, stop overreacting. Think logically. Wait 48 hours and see how it develops. Trump is going to be asked to comment on it for sure. This is a means to get eyes on.

My guess is Epstein is still in custody. This is theater to divert eyes where we want them.


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