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Trump Alleges That Google Engaged In “Illegal” Election Interference, Warns “We Are Watching Google Very Closely!”

You can’t fool Donald Trump twice.

Ever since the outcome of the 2016 election turned out the opposite of what mainstream media was pushing (remember how they were all so convinced Hillary was gonna be 45 up until the very last moment of their election coverage?), many accusations and details have emerged about shady tactics being used by not only politicians and those directly in charge of the election ballots, but news outlets, and even search engines.

That’s why, according to President Trump, his administration is watching Google and its CEO Sundar Pichai “very closely” as 2020 approaches to ensure that they do not interfere with the presidential election by suppressing or censoring some stories while boosting others to sway its outcome, as many have accused the company of doing in 2016 (even though it didn’t work!)

In a series of tweets, Trump alleged that Google engaged in “very illegal” activities back in 2016, that CEO Pichai betrayed him, and that Google was committed to “making sure Trump loses” during the last election.

View President Trump’s tweets alleging Google’s election interference here:

News of Trump's accusations against Google have been trending on social media.

Here's the breaking news of this that hit Twitter:


Politico has more to say:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned his administration is “watching Google very closely” after Fox News and the Fox Business Network aired segments suggesting the technology giant harbors bias against him and is working to thwart his reelection prospects.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai “was in the Oval Office working very hard to explain how much he liked me, what a great job the Administration is doing, that Google was not involved with China’s military, that they didn’t help Crooked Hillary over me in the 2016 Election, and that they are NOT planning to illegally subvert the 2020 Election despite all that has been said to the contrary,” Trump tweeted

“It all sounded good until I watched Kevin Cernekee, a Google engineer, say terrible things about what they did in 2016 and that they want to ‘Make sure that Trump losses in 2020,’” he continued.

Cernekee, who was fired from Google in June 2018, appeared Monday morning on “Fox & Friends” and alleged executives at the company “went up onstage right away and cried — literal tears streaming down their faces” after Trump’s victory in the 2016 White House race.

“They vowed that it would never happen again, and they want to use all the power and all the resources that they have to control the flow of information to the public and make sure that Trump loses in 2020,” Cernekee said. 

Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs later Monday interviewed Peter Schweizer, president of the conservative Government Accountability Institute think tank and a senior editor-at-large at right-wing Breitbart News, who claimed Google is “going to go all-in” on efforts to deny Trump a second term.

CNET also gave these details:

President Donald Trump is again going after Google. In a series of early morning tweets, Trump attacked Google CEO Sundar Pichai and warned the search giant that he's watching the company "very closely" ahead of the 2020 US election. 

Trump said he met with Pichai in the Oval Office and raised questions about Google's role in the 2016 election, as well as the company's artificial intelligence work in China. He also suggested, without evidence, that Google is trying to "illegally subvert" the next election. 

"All very illegal," Trump tweeted. "We are watching Google very closely!"


Trump referenced Kevin Cernekee, a former Google engineer and subject of a Wall Street Journal profile last week, who claims he was fired from Google for his conservative views. Google on Tuesday called Cernekee a "disgruntled former employee" and said his statements about the company are "absolutely false."

"We go to great lengths to build our products and enforce our policies in ways that don't take political leanings into account," a spokeswoman said. "Distorting results for political purposes would harm our business and go against our mission of providing helpful content to all of our users."

Trump's accusation of anticonservative bias is a familiar refrain. Last August, Trump claimed that Google's search results were "rigged" to promote negative news stories on Trump. At the time, the president told reporters, "I think Google has really taken advantage of a lot of people." He added, "Google and Twitter and Facebook, they're really treading on very, very troubled territory, and they have to be careful."


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