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Owner of The Dems Have Made Me Such An Enemy, I Can’t Help But Vote TRUMP!


You might not know the name Ryan DANIEL Moran, but if you’re an entreprenuer chances are you do.

In fact, Ryan is so devoted to the idea of capitalism and free market enterprise that he bought the domain  

You’ll frequently see him wearing his shirt that says:


I can relate.  

I don’t myself a Republican as much as I do a TRUMPlican.  Or Liberterian.  

All of that to say Ryan is not an ideological Republican and much more of a free thinker.

And he finally had enough of the Democrats when he posted this earlier this morning:

If you're having trouble reading that, his post read:

What you resists persists.

What you defend against, defends against you.

Pushing against something makes it stronger.

Today, a local Congressional Candidate posted the names of Trump Donors and their businesses in an attempt to cause boycott.

The opposite will happen. 

I’ve never considered myself a Trump Supporter, but the Left is driving people like me to become them.

Trying to smear an innocent person for having political beliefs is wrong. And all this does is persuade people like me to get in their cars and go to Bill Miller BBQ for lunch.

If you want to create change, then be the change first.

Meet hatred with kindness.

Fight bigotry with love.

Destroy supremacy with empathy.

And he included a copy of what he posted to Twitter:


Folks, I'm telling you this is happening ALL over the country!

No one thinks President Trump is a perfect person.

No one thinks the Republicans are perfect.  

But fair minded people and people who can think for themselves are looking at what's going on and saying the Far Left has gone off the deep end!

And even though President Trump can be rough around the edges, I think people are seeing that he speaks from his heart (even if you don't always agree with him).

I think people like someone who is genuine and not just saying what the pollsters tell him to say.

I think people are starting to see that despite the Media's image of him, it sure does seem like President Trump loves America and is doing his best to make it great!

In the comments to his post above, Ryan further clarified his position:


There you have it folks. 

The pattern I believe you will see play out in the MILLIONS come November 2020.


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