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Dave Janda Confirms The BIG Case Against Comey Is Coming Soon!


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When I saw the Fox News alert come across my phone that said “FBI and Bill Barr Decline to Prosecute Leaking Case Against Comey” it hit me pretty hard.

Is Bill Barr just another Deep State conman?

Were we wrong to think Barr was different?

Was this just Jeff Sessions 2.0?

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But rest assured folks, that’s not the case at all.

I just watched a wonderful video from Dr. Dave Janda who always has excellent research and excellent sources deep inside Washington.  

In the video below, Dr. Janda breaks down why it was the RIGHT move to not prosecute the small case against Comey but to save their ammo for the big case and the one with better evidence that is more winnable.  

Take it away Dr. Janda:


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