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Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” Says The Chance of Trump Losing In 2020 Is ZERO!


While President Donald Trump and billionaire Shark Tank co-host Mark Cuban have had a longstanding feud since Cuban turned on Trump after he started his campaign for presidency, Cuban’s fellow host on Shark Tank “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary recently spoke out to praise Trump, particularly his wonderful job on the economy, and said that he believes there is ZERO chance Trump will lose in 2020!

O’Leary stated, “The chance [Trump] doesn’t get a second term in my view is zero. And I’ll tell you why. I don’t recall in modern times when going into a second term at full employment, the incumbent of any party has ever lost their mandate ever.”

Watch the full Reason interview with Kevin O’Leary to see what he had to say in praise of President Trump here:

The vast majority of viewers of the interview with Mr. Wonderful seem to agree with him too!

Take a look at these comments:

News of O'Leary's vocal support of Trump quickly broke out on social media.

Take a look at how people are responding to Mr. Wonderful on Twitter:


Reason has more details on their interview with Kevin O'Leary:

"I have never in my life seen an economy like this. This is even better than the '60s. It is phenomenal. And I think [it's] primarily because of deregulation, not tax reform. My companies in California, in Texas, in Florida, in Illinois…have been set free."—Kevin O'Leary

For the past 10 years, the reality TV show Shark Tank has entertained and edified millions of viewers by dramatizing how entrepreneurs pitch venture capitalists. And none of the "sharks"—the investors who compete with each other to fund businesses they think will be successful—is more entertaining or edifying than Kevin O'Leary, whose signature insult to unsuccessful contestants—"You're Dead To Me"—has become a pop culture catchphrase.

But O'Leary isn't just a small-screen blowhard. Born and raised in Canada, the 65-year-old investor got rich by developing educational and family-oriented computer software in the 1980s and '90s and holding firm to a gospel of thrift, savings, and reinvestment that he's outlined in best-selling books such as Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women, and Money. Over the years, he's diversified his investments into vineyards, storage facilities, and more, and he's dabbled in politics, too, briefly considering a run in 2017 to head the Conservative Party in Canada. His brash nature earned him easy comparisons to Donald Trump but O'Leary, who lives in Boston, is openly free trade and pro-immigration. He's long been in favor of marijuana legalization and gay rights and opposed to military interventionism.

Nick Gillespie sat down with O'Leary at FreedomFest, the annual gathering of libertarians in Las Vegas. They talked about why Shark Tank is so popular, why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is so bad, and whether "democratic socialism" is really a threat to the free market capitalism that O'Leary says makes us richer and happier. They also discussed why O'Leary thinks Donald Trump has been great for the economy despite a personal style so many, including O'Leary himself, find unappealing.

The chance Donald Trump "doesn't get a second term…is zero."

"The chance [Trump] doesn't get a second term in my view is zero. And I'll tell you why. I don't recall in modern times when going into a second term at full employment, the incumbent of any party has ever lost their mandate ever."

"Everybody's a socialist when they're young."

"I was a socialist when I was 18 years old too. I was left wing. I got my first paycheck and I saw something called tax on it. Everybody's a socialist when they're young, until they start working and they start realizing how tough it is out there and they start realizing how much money government wastes when they take half their income and taxes. And that's when you become a conservative. The older you get, the more realistic you become. And a majority of those people make the transition in their mid-twenties. That's what happens. I never worry about it."


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