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MUSE? The Stories Behind Secret Service Code Names For Past Presidents and Spouses


Part of Day One initiation into the White House for a president taking office is the reception of a new name – a code name that is, for Secret Service to use during his time in office.

Every member of the first family – the first lady and the president’s children – also get nicknames as part of the protocol.

Although these code names were originally formed for security reasons and kept top-secret, all that changed in current times with the rapid adoption and expansion of technology.

Because the code names get leaked much easier than they used to, they’re now used mostly for brevity and out of tradition.

That said, Secret Service code names are still part of the presidential package; and, they’re not going away any time soon!

Here’s a list of the some of the best Secret Service code names for past presidents and first ladies:

  1. 1 Eleanor Roosevelt: Rover

    Franklin D. Roosevelt did not have a code name, but first lady Eleanor earned hers when she journeyed to England with "Rover's Rangers."

  2. 2 Harry S. Truman: General

    Harry S. Truman was the first president to use a Secret Service code name. It was "General."

  3. 3 Dwight Eisenhower: Scorecard & Providence

    Eisenhow had not one, but two Secret Service code names: "Scorecard" and "Providence!"

  4. 4 Mamie Eisenhower: Springtime

    Mamie Eisenhower's code name "Springtime" was revealed by author Raplh Abertazzie, who wrote The Flying White House: The Story of Air Force One.

  5. 5 John F. Kennedy: Lancer

    JFK's code name was inspired by the King Arthur legend Lancelot about an honorable knight. This was fitting since his administration was often compared to the Arthurian court of Camelot.

  6. 6 Jackie Kennedy: Lace

    Fashion icon and first lady Jackie Kennedy's code name came from her penchant for wearing lace, particularly during her wedding day to then-senator John.

  7. 7 Richard Nixon: Searchlight

    He may have been an embarrassment to our nation, but his code name is probably the most ironic on this list!

  8. 8 Pat Nixon: Starlight

    Pat Nixon's code name echoed her spouse's and was equally as ironic!

  9. 9 Gerald Ford: Passkey

    Another ironic one: "Passkey" was the code name of Gerald Ford who granted Nixon “a full, free, and absolute pardon.”

  10. 10 Jimmy Carter: Deacon

    The Baptist president who taught Sunday School even after stepping into office was nicknamed "Deacon" to reflect his faith.

  11. 11 Rosalynn Carter: Lotus Petal

    Jimmy Carter's wife, Rosalynn's code name mirrored her floral first name.

  12. 12 Ronald Reagan: Rawhide

    With his past of playing cowboys in the movies and love of the Wild West, it's not hard to see why Reagan's code name became "Rawhide" when he was elected president!

  13. 13 Nancy Reagan: Rainbow

    Nancy Reagan's Secret Service code name was "Rainbow." On the day of her passing, a beautiful, huge rainbow appeared over a favorite golf course of the Reagans in Palm Springs. Coincidence or divinity? 

  14. 14 George H.W. Bush: Timberwolf

    "Timberwolf" is the name of the largest member of the dog family. Some speculate that it was used as the code name for the first Bush to be president because of his big family and their influential role on politics.

  15. 15 Barbara Bush: Tranquility

    After her passing, former member of the Secret Service Jonathan Wackrow commented on the reasoning behind Barbara Bush's code name "Tranquility." He said it, "exemplified her demeanor and its calming, humanizing and gentle effect on those around her."

  16. 16 Bill Clinton: Eagle

    Perhaps out of irony, Bill Clinton was given the code name "Eagle" despite never reaching the rank while he was a Boy Scout.

  17. 17 Hillary Clinton: Evergreen

    Hillary Clinton's code name was "Evergreen" while she was first lady. She re-used this during her campaign against Trump in 2016.

  18. 18 George W. Bush: Trailblazer

    The second Bush to be president changed his nickname from his days in the White House under his father's presidency from "Tumbler" to "Trailblazer" after stepping into office.

  19. 19 Barack Obama: Renegade

    According to reports, Barack Obama chose "Renegade" from a list of options given to him of names that began with "R."

  20. 20 Michelle Obama: Renaissance

    Michelle Obama's code name stuck with the trend of words that began with "R" for the the 44th first family.

  21. 21 Donald Trump: Mogul

    President Trump's code name is "Mogul" in reference to his decades spent in the real estate industry. How awesome is that?

  22. 22 Melania Trump: Muse

    Melania's code name does not take much explaining! The beautiful, elegant former model earns the nickname "Muse!"

What do you think of these names?

Are they fitting of past presidents?

Do you like how Trump is called "Mogul" and Melania "Muse?"

Would you change any of them?

Let us know your thoughts!


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