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Human Trafficking? Democrat Senator Aids Pregnant Migrant Across Border, Gets Called Out!


Oregon Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden raised eyebrows after he posted a video to Twitter where he told about how he assisted a pregnant Mexican woman with crossing the U.S.-Mexico border during his recent trip to speak with migrants.

Many clapped back at Sen. Wyden over the legality did and posed the question: Did he just admit to human smuggling?

Watch the original Wyden video on Twitter where he boasts about “helping the immigrant” get to the United States here:

Here's how people are responding to Wyden's so-called "humanitarian act" that just might get him into trouble with the feds on Twitter:

Breitbart has more to say about what Wyden did during his trip to the border:

Mexican women have a legal right to U.S. healthcare, and also to birth their children in the United States if they ask for asylum, Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden claimed Saturday.

Wyden’s unilateral extension of Americans’ rights, national healthcare and democratic representation to the nationals of Mexico came when he staged a visit to a shelter for migrants waiting for scheduled asylum hearings in the United States. The shelter is in Juarez, Mexico, and it hosts migrants who were sent back to Mexico under the “Remain in Mexico” program until U.S. judges have time to hear their pleas for asylum.

Wyden made the trip with pro-migration advocates from his home state of Oregon where he is facing a reelection campaign in 2020. The visit is likely intended to boost his election support from white progressives who increasingly favor migrants over many Americans.

The shelter in Mexico included a pregnant couple with a young child. Wyden chose to escort the couple to the border, past the other traffic, past a U.S. border guard, and into the United States. He said via a tweet:

I met a women who is eight and half months pregnant. Because I had a wonderful physician from Oregon, Dr. Herbert, with me, she said that … the woman was looking at some very serious healthcare problems … [that] she needed medical care.  So they immediately packed all their belongings up, headed to the border to make sure she could get to the United States and get the medical care she needed. We were essentially told early on by the customs official [at the border] that ‘No way that she could get in,’ then when they found out I was a U.S. Senator and we had a pediatrician with us, they changed their tune. Now that individual is going to be able to ge the medical care that she so desperately needs.

If the woman gives birth in the United States, she will be able to claim her child is an American citizen. In turn, she and the father can make a legal claim that they should be allowed to stay in the United States to care for the U.S. citizen child, and also should be allowed to apply for green cards and citizenship for themselves.

What do you think?

Does what Wyden did qualify as human trafficking?

Should he face charges for it?

Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!



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