Tom Fitton: Obama White House Was “Intent” On Ambushing Trump!


Tom Fitton – President of Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group that just filed an official ethics complaint demanding an investigation of Ilhan Omar – gave an interview at Turning Point USA’s Teen Action Summit in which he discussed the role he believed Obama had in the origins of the Russia investigation and spying on the Trump campaign.

Fitton made a ground-breaking statement when he alleged that it was President Obama’s administration “running the show” and that Obama himself harbored intention to ambush Trump, resulting in the creation of a phoney dossier!

This news comes just after President Trump himself called for Obama to be investigated to find out what really went on with the whole Russia collusion shenanigans. 

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Check out news of Fitton’s statement that hit Twitter:

Fitton said his allegation was backed up with documents proving that the Obama WH was behind arranging for the Russia probe:

Watch the full interview of Fitton discussing Spygate here for yourself:


Crazy stuff.

Do you think Fitton's right about the Obama administration's key role in the Russia investigation?

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