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DISGUSTING: Ilhan Omar Shares Tweet Praising Violent Attack On Sen. Rand Paul


After Rand Paul criticized Omar’s ungratefulness towards America and suggested that she pay a visit to Somalia to learn how bad things really can get before dissing ours, Omar retaliated in perhaps the most digusting, passive-agressive way she possibly could have.

She re-tweeted a tweet on Twitter originally posted by comedian Tom Arnold that praised the 2017 violent attack on Rand Paul, which left him with 6 broken ribs and lungs full of fluid.

Take a look at news of this that hit Twitter and just goes to show you what kind of person Omar is:

Here's the original Tom Arnold tweet mocking the attack on Paul for reference:

Daily Mail gave more details on Omar's re-tweet:

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is crossing swords with Sen. Rand Paul, throwing him shade on Twitter after the Kentucky Republican suggested the Somali-born Democrat doesn't sufficiently appreciate the United States.

Omar's return fire was subtle but unmistakable. She retweeted a message in which Tom Arnold expressed support for Rand Paul's neighbor, who drew a 30-day prison sentence for physically assaulting him over a dispute about where he stacked a pile of cleared brush.

Paul told the conservative website last week that if Omar were to visit the country where she was born, 'she might come back and appreciate America more.' He offered to help pay for the airline ticket.

That came after President Donald Trump drew widespread condemnation on the political left for saying Omar and three other freshman congresswomen should be sent 'back where they came from.'

Omar was born in Somalia and spent much of her childhood in Kenya. Her parents brought her to the United States when she was 12 years old.

Newsweek has more to say:

Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar took a veiled shot at Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul Monday, sharing a Tom Arnold tweet ridiculing Paul over a November 2017 fight on his lawn.

Actor Tom Arnold and Omar were responding to July 27 Breitbart video showing the GOP senator saying he's "willing to buy [Omar] a ticket to visit Somalia...she might come back and appreciate America more." Paul falsely claimed Omar called the U.S. a "terrible country," which prompted Arnold to rip into the Kentucky senator over a lawn mowing-related fight which left Paul with six broken ribs after he was tackled by a neighbor.

"Imagine being Rand Paul's next door neighbor and having to deal with @RandPaul lying cowardly circular whiney bullcrap about lawn clippings. No wonder he ripped his toupee off," read Arnold's Monday tweet, which was retweeted by the Minnesota congresswoman.

According to court documents first obtained by the Bowling Green Daily News, the bizarre lawn incident occurred inside a gated community near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Paul's neighbor, Retired doctor Rene Boucher, 59, said he tackled Paul while the senator was doing lawn work due to an "unsightly" pile of debris he kept stacking up in his adjacent yard.

What do you think of this?

Is it further evidence of Omar's dark nature?

Let us know your thoughts!


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