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Jim Jordan DEMOLISHES Mueller In Confrontation Over Russia Probe Origin!


Things got hot during the Mueller hearing earlier today when Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio grilled Mueller and went off on him over the sketchy origins of the Russia probe.

Jordan told it like it was, saying,

“Maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusations started. Maybe’s it’s to go back and actually figure out why Joseph Mifsud was lying to the FBI and … that’s exactly what Bill Barr’s doing. And thank goodness for that.”

Watch the full clip of Jordan’s awesome confrontation with Mueller here from The Golden State Times on Youtube:

Go, Jim Jordan!

Are you proud of him for making Mueller face the facts of his own report and investigation's origins?

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Jordan's complete destruction of Mueller during the House hearing has gone viral on Twitter.

Check out how people are responding here:

Fox News commented on Jordan's confrontation with Mueller:

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, grilled former special counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill Wednesday, accusing him of selective prosecution methods and promising Attorney General Bill Barr would get to the truth.

"The president [was] falsely accused of conspiracy. The FBI does a 10-month investigation and James Comey – when we deposed him a year ago, told us at that point they had nothing. You do a 22-month investigation. At the end of that 22 months, you find no conspiracy and what [do] the Democrats want to do -- they want to keep investigating. They want to keep going," Jordan said.

"Maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusations started. Maybe's it's to go back and actually figure out why Joseph Mifsud was lying to the FBI and ... that’s exactly what Bill Barr's doing. And thank goodness for that. That’s exactly what the attorney general is doing ... and they're going to find out whey we went through this three-year saga and get to the bottom of it."

Jordan also asked why informant Joseph Mifsud had not been charged with any crimes, despite lying to the FBI and posing as a Cambridge University professor, in an attempt to pump George Papadopoulos for confidential campaign information.

"He lied three times you pointed out in the report, why didn’t you charge him with a crime?" Jordan asked.

"I can’t get into internal deliberations with regard to who would or would not be [charged]," Mueller replied.

Jordan alleged that the FBI spied on American citizens for partisan reasons and accused Mueller of picking and choosing who would face federal charges based solely on politics. When Jordan attempted to probe further, Mueller said he was unable to answer.

USA Today also said:

Rep. Jim Jordan, an outspoken critic of the special counsel investigation into potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election, sharply questioned Robert Mueller about the origins of the FBI investigation that began before Mueller's appointment.

The exchange took place as the former special counsel testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.  

Mueller said in his opening statement that he was "unable to address questions about the opening of the FBI’s Russia investigation" because it is the subject of an ongoing Justice Department review. 

But that didn't stop Jordan from trying. 

He began by asking about Joseph Mifsud, a London-based professor connected to high-level Kremlin officials who had contact with Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, according to Mueller's report. The report said Mifsud lied to investigators, and Jordan asked why he was not charged for that when others who lied, including Papadopoulos, were. 

"I can't get into internal deliberations with regard to who would or would not be charged," Mueller replied. 

"You charged a lot of other people for making false statements," Jordan said. 

ordan then launched into a passionate monologue about the opening of the FBI investigation and his view that they "spied on two American citizens associated with a presidential campaign," referring to Papadopoulos and former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Then he asked how Papadopoulos found out that the Russian "had dirt" on Hillary Clinton. 

"I can't get into the evidentiary filings," Mueller said. 

"Yes, you can, because you wrote about it," Jordan said, raising his voice. "You gave us the answer. Page 192 of the report, you tell us who told him: Joseph Mifsud."

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