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FLASHBACK: Watch Screaming Rashida Tlaib REMOVED From Trump Event!


Last week, Trump stood his ground against “The Squad,” or “Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse,” as many are now calling them in light of the feud: Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.

Since the Dems ultimately admitted their defeat in the squabble and declared Trump the winner, now’s a great time to look back on the history between President Trump and members of “The Squad” to remember just why Trump told them to leave our country if they aren’t happy with it!

One defining moment of Tlaib’s character, for instance, was when she had to be forcibly dragged away from a 2016 Trump campaign event for the ruckus she caused at it.

Let’s watch the clip again here:

Danielle Stella, Rep. Ilhan Omar's Republican contender for her House seat, also shared the moment on her Twitter: it any wonder why Trump felt the need to call her and the rest of the four out?

They've done nothing but stirred up trouble and controversy ever since they got into office!

The Washington Examiner has more to say about Tlaib's disturbance back in '16:

A video resurfaced Saturday of Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib being forcibly removed from an Aug. 8, 2016 Trump campaign event in Detroit while screaming, "You guys are crazy!"


Footage showed two security officials holding Tlaib by her arms and guiding her toward the exit while she screamed at the crowd gathered for Trump's speech. Tlaib was reportedly among at least 14 protesters removed from the event that evening. 


The event, which took place at the Cobo Center in Detroit and was hosted by the Detroit Economic Club, took place just ahead of 2016 presidential election. His speech that evening was reportedly focused on taxes, repealing Obamacare, and bolstering the economy. 

The Blaze also commented:

Hundreds of protesters were forcibly removed from Donald Trump's campaign rallies during his historic run to the White House in 2016. Now we know that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) was one such protester.

 Newly surfaced video shows Secret Service agents forcibly removing an angry and shouting Tlaib during a Trump campaign event in Detroit in 2016.

"You guys are crazy!" Tlaib screams at Trump supporters as agents restrains her.

The interruption came during a speech that then-candidate Trump gave at the Detroit Economic Club in August 2016. A dozen other women joined Tlaib to create a commotion during his speech.

Rashida Tlaib herself had followed up the scene with an unapologetic essay published in Detroit Free Press titled "Why I Disrupted Donald Trump." Here's an excerpt from it in which she explains her "reasoning," if it can be called that:

Courteous behavior can’t be reserved for someone who labels hardworking Mexican immigrants who have come to pursue the American Dream as “rapists.” Social niceties are not in order for men who would turn away refugees fleeing for their lives based on their faith to have them suffer in camps. And complacency is not warranted for a presidential candidate who denigrates a mother and father who have lost their child in the ultimate sacrifice of military service.

I can’t describe the fear that gripped me when I rose in front of nearly 2,000 professionals at this tony, corporate setting. I watched as Trump supporters taunted the women who stood before me as they were aggressively and briskly led to the exits. I froze, feeling the anger around me that would make anyone tremble. Yet, I could only think of the unwavering love for my two sons to find the courage to do my own part.


Watching my 11-year old’s anxiety increase the more he hears from his friends about what Donald Trump said or wants to do if he is elected has been heartbreaking. So when I heard Trump was coming to Detroit to speak only a few miles from our home, I couldn’t say no when I was offered a ticket to attend his speech.

I told Trump that “our children deserve better” and I asked him to provide a better example to our kids. I implored him to read the U.S. Constitution. And then I was grabbed by several security personnel who physically moved me to the exit while I continued to express my concerns.

CNS News also has a follow-up video on Tlaib's interruption at the Trump event, which you can watch here.


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