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Justin Bieber Gets Schooled After Asking Trump To “Let Those Kids Out Of Cages”


Justin Bieber took to Twitter to thank Trump for his attempts at helping his friend A$AP Rocky get free from the Sweden prison he is currently jailed in, but then took a shot at the president when he asked “can you also let those kids out of cages?”

You know, the cages that were put up underneath the Obama administration!

Here’s Justin’s tweet so you can see for yourself:

However, Twitter users were quick to school Justin on the facts of the "kids in cages" that Democrats falsely attribute to President Trump.

Take a look at these response tweets:

Robby Starbuck dropped several truths on Justin in a series of replies:

Other Twitter users turned Justin's demand back on him, essentially telling him to let illegal immigrants live with him if he's so concerned!

Check it out:

Fox News has more on the background of Justin Bieber's tweets directed at President Donald Trump:

Justin Bieber called out President Donald Trump for helping to free rapper A$AP Rocky from prison in Sweden but seeming to care much less for children being detained at the border.

After Trump announced that he'd speak with the Swedish Prime Minister about the country's treatment of the Grammy-nominated rapper, Bieber, 25, retweeted the POTUS.

He then replied Saturday, "I want my friend out.. I appreciate you trying to help him. But while your [sic] at it @realDonaldTrump can you also let those kids out of cages?"

The President has not yet responded publicly to the "I Don't Care" singer's plea.

Trump initially tweeted about A$AP Rocky's case on Friday, when he said he had spoken to Kanye West about A$AP's — born Rakim Mayers — incarceration. He said he would be calling Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven about the case.

"So many people would like to see this quickly resolved!" he added.

The Hill also said:

Pop star Justin Bieber on Saturday called on President Trump to help bring rapper A$AP Rocky back to the United States after his detainment in Sweden, while urging the president to also “let those kids out of cages.”

“I want my friend out.. I appreciate you trying to help him,” Bieber tweeted. “But while your [sic] at it @realDonaldTrump can you also let those kids out of cages?” 

While he hasn’t been charged with a crime, A$AP Rocky has been held in pre-trial detention in Sweden since earlier this month after he was involved in a street fight in Stockholm. His camp claims his entourage was acting in self-defense after being harassed.

Trump says he’s working to try to bring the rapper back to the U.S., tweeting Saturday morning that he’s spoken with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to vouch on his behalf, adding that he’s gotten assurances the rapper is being treated fairly.

“Just had a very good call with @SwedishPM Stefan Löfven who assured me that American citizen A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly. Likewise, I assured him that A$AP was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative,” Trump tweeted.

Do you think Justin has learned his lesson?

Let us know!


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