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Donald Trump’s Pro-USA Nationalism Is Exactly What We Need Right Now!


Ten years ago, could you have imagined what the world would be like today?

Would you have believed that members of Congress would refuse to denounce terrorists?

Would you have thought that presidential candidates would openly embrace socialism and put the rights of illegal aliens over those of American citizens?

Would you have been able to picture Donald Trump as president of the USA – one that so many politicians, celebrities, and mainstream media puppets turned against for throwing out political expectations to instead earnestly represent the American people to the best of his ability?

Personally, back then I had no idea that the reality of day-to-day life in America would be plagued by liberals buzzing around like diseased flies carrying a virus of hatred for traditional American values masked as humanitarian concern – a virus that infects those subjected to repeated immersion in left-wing indoctrination of a dogma that seeks to replace the one our Founding Fathers followed.

This new doctrine of so-called diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance embraces a fabrication of history that says the “white man” is evil and that America is not something to be proud of; rather, the United States has a wicked past that Americans should be ashamed of!

“Nationalism” is the foil to this neo-liberal globalist creed; and so, “nationalists” are becoming more and more frequently viewed as outlaws in PC culture.

That’s why when President Trump proudly declared himself a nationalist during a Texas rally, the left went wild!

Jim Acosta of CNN called him a racist.

Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC played connect the dots and tied nationalism to the ideology followed by Nazis (failing to realize that Nazi stands for National Socialist.)

But, pro-USA nationalism is exactly what this country needs, especially from its president, whom, despite what mainstream media will tell you, many, many Americans are looking up to.

As the left continues to travel farther into the deepest regions of globalism, followers of which the president himself has described as “a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly not caring about the country so much,”  the only way to rejuvenate American morale and restore the USA’s glory that the left continues to deny ever existed lies with nationalism.

The truth is America has a marvelous history full of innovation, rich in culture, governed by the people for the people with freedom and inalieable rights for man at the forefront. The same cannot be said for most other countries in the world, and the left-wing romanticism of a “noble savage” falls through the floor when you realize that while America was abolishing slavery, building technology, and giving rights to women, other countries like many in Africa, South America, and the Middle East were busy slaughtering each other, oppressing women and those they see as inferior, and killing anyone who tried to show them how to make their own countries better (and still are!)

It was America that gave rise to so much of what we, the left included, take for granted today. 


How many times has a liberal tweeted out from their iPhones about the wickedness of America that they wish never happened, all while failing to realize that if it weren’t for American technology, they wouldn’t be able to broadcast their opinion to the world, and if it weren’t for American values, they wouldn’t have the freedom to criticize the government without facing jail, or worse?

All of the great things that have come out of America were built upon a foundational pride in our country: nationalism.

We can continue to go forward into the future as a great nation, but it can’t be done without the very nationalism that the left is trying to eradicate.

Luckily, President Trump seems to know this.

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That’s why he’s proud to be a nationalist, proud to be an American, and wants to show not only Americans, but the world, what our country is capable of to give merit to his pride!

He’s doing a bang-up job, with our economy being the greatest its been in years and through his committment to continually improving our country for the betterment of its people.

However, there’s still a lot to do!

That’s why we need to hold steadfast to pro-American nationalism and get President Trump re-elected in 2020: so that we can make America even greater!

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