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What a Joke! Epstein Asking To Get Out On House Arrest!


Jeffrey Epstein is scrambling to try to wriggle himself out of the pedophilia charges he is facing…

Yesterday, Epstein’s lawyers sent out a letter asking the courts to go easy on him and release him on bail to be under house arrest…in his $77 million mansion!

Epstein is also begging the justice system to not “discriminate” against him because he is rich!

Sadly, this isn’t a joke.

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See for yourself in this breaking news that hit Twitter:

Dailymail has more details on Epstein's plea:

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein informed Judge Richard M Berman that their client would agree to house arrest at his $77 million Manhattan mansion if released on bail ahead of his trial.

That was one of 14 conditions spelled out in the letter, which the defense was ordered to submit by noon ahead of Judge Berman's ruling on Monday.

Epstein's lawyers said that their client would also install surveillance cameras inside and outside the mansion, wear electronic monitoring with a global positioning system,' and have no one 'enter the residence, other than Mr. Epstein and his attorneys.'

There was no mention of whom he could contact on his phone however, and while he agreed to a bond it has long been difficult to assess his net worth.

The lawyers stated that the bond would be in 'an amount set by the court after reviewing additional information regarding Mr. Epstein’s finances, which Mr. Epstein will seek the court’s permission to provide via sealed supplemental disclosure.'

It was also noted: 'Mr. Epstein stands ready and willing to pay for 24-hour armed guards should the Court deem it necessary or appropriate.' 

Epstein would report daily to pretrial services on the phone, have a trustee or trustees move into his mansion to monitor him and deregister all vehicles and ground his jet.

Federal prosecutors will have a chance to respond to this filing on Friday, and in a previously filed bail memorandum asked that Epstein be kept behind bars ahead of his trial.

That filing will no doubt point out that the mansion that Epstein is asking to be remanded ahead of his trial is the same residence where agents seized hundreds of pieces of evidence in the case just last weekend.

Epstein remains at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Manhattan, the same facility that is currently housing the Mexican drug lord El Chapo. 

Judge Berman will make his ruling on Monday.

Epstein - who is pleading not guilty to the charges put on him after hundreds or thousands of nude photos of underage girls were found in the mansion he is hoping to be put under house arrest in - is blaming the "toxic political climate" for why he was arrested.

PBS had this to say:

Financier Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers, seeking bail for their client, said Thursday that he feared a “toxic political climate” might cause federal prosecutors to scrap a deal he made with them over a decade ago and charge him again with sexual abuse charges involving underage girls.

The lawyers recommended house arrest and electronic monitoring for Epstein as they countered what they described as a “drastic demand” by prosecutors that he be detained until trial on charges that he engaged in sex trafficking with dozens of underage girls in Florida and New York from 2002 to 2005.

Epstein, 66, was arrested Saturday as he arrived at a New Jersey airport on a flight from Paris. He pleaded not guilty Monday and a judge asked defense lawyers and prosecutors to submit their bail arguments prior to a hearing next Monday.

In seeking detention, prosecutors said a trove of what seemed to be nude pictures of underage girls was found in his mansion after his arrest on charges that he sexually exploited and abused underage girls.

In their submission in Manhattan federal court, lawyers said Epstein always knew federal authorities might renege on a non-prosecution deal signed in 2007 months before he pleaded guilty to state charges in Florida, served a 13-month jail sentence and registered as a sex offender.

“Indeed, Mr. Epstein feared the toxic political climate might tempt the government to try and end-run the NPA — yet continually returned home from travel abroad, fully prepared to vindicate his rights under the agreement and otherwise mount a full-throated defense,” they wrote.

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