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BOYCOTT? Lyft Donates $200K To Help Illegal Immigrants Get FREE Rides!


Rideshare company Lyft is donating 200K to immigrant groups across the country so that illegal aliens can get free rides!

Let that sink in.

The company has the ability to expend money on giving the needy free rides.

But, they’re not using it to help the elderly who can no longer drive.

Not helping veterans.

Not helping the homeless.

Instead, they’re spending thousands of dollars that could go to improving the lives of fellow Americans to give people that are in our country illegally free stuff.

Take a look for yourself at word of this that is being spread on Twitter:

Here's a video explaining Lyft's decision to donate hundreds of thousands to immigrant organizations:

Some Twitter users are questioning the legality of what Lyft is doing:

Others are starting to boycott Lyft for giving free rides to illegal aliens instead of helping their fellow Americans:

10 News San Diego has more details on Lyft's donations:

The ridesharing company, Lyft, is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in ride credits to immigration groups throughout the country, including one in San Diego County. 

The company made the donation announcement on Monday, donating $200,000, calling the campaign "America is an Idea, Not a Geography." The Minority Humanitarian Foundation in Spring Valley received roughly $32,000 in ride credits. 

The foundation's founder, Mark Lane, says the company's donation is a game changer for his organization. Lane explains that the money previously spent on rides can now go towards other things like food, clothing and other supplies. 

The Guardian also had the following to say:

The ride-hailing company Lyft will be donating $150,000 in ride credits to support immigration groups across the US in the next six months.

The company has also partnered with Raices, a not-for-profit organization providing legal services to immigrants. Through its Round Up & Donate program, Lyft will match rider donations to Raices throughout the month of July, and it will commit to up to $50,000 to the organization in support of their services.

With the tagline “America is an idea, not a geography”, the Lyft campaign shares the stories of drivers who work for the company and have come to the US from other countries.

In addition to the $150,000 donation, Lyft riders can round up their ride payments to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to Raices, the company’s not-for-profit partner. A Raices spokesperson said the partnership had been “an invaluable resource” allowing them to use credits to transport immigrants and their advocates to court appearances and legal consultations.

“Raices compassionately defends and empowers immigrants and advocates for human rights, equality, respect, and the right to migrate,” the spokesperson said. “Most of the people we work with do not have access to reliable transportation.”

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Lyft’s push to highlight the rights of immigrants, including its own workers, comes as Donald Trump has ratcheted up threats against undocumented immigrants living in the United States and his administration has come under fire for poor conditions at border facilities, including those housing children.

Elite Daily commented as well:

Over the next six months starting July 1, Lyft will give $150,000 in ride credits to support various immigration groups across the country, per a press release. The list of groups Lyft will support includes: Minority Humanitarian Foundation, which provides a humanitarian response to the issues facing migrants and refugees; Deaf Latinos y Familias, a nonprofit that helps promote awareness of Latinx culture to deaf and hard of hearing children and adults;, a bipartisan political organizationthat works on issues of immigration reform and criminal justice reform; National Immigration Forum, an immigration policy organization that advocates for the value of immigrants; PARS Equality Center, which works to help integrate Iranian-Americans into the fold of American society; Muslim Advocates, a civil rights organizationthat works to ensure American Muslims live free from discrimination; and The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services(RAICES) which promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services for immigrant families and refugees.

RAICES will also be part of Lyft's Round Up & Donate program which helps passengers opt in to donating a few dollars to a cause they care about by rounding up each fare. Throughout July, Lyft will match rider donations through Round Up & Donate and commit up to $50,000 to RAICES in support of their free and low-cost legal services for immigrant children, families, and refugees. Some other organizations Lyft has featured in its Round Up & Donate program include the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and Black Girls Code.

What do you think?

Will you boycott Lyft over this?

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