MIND-BLOWING Theory On What Was Happening Behind The Scenes With Epstein

What do you think? Make sense?


Ok folks, you think what you’ve heard about Epstein is bad now?

It could be about to get so much worse.

Especially if a theory posted by @quantian1 on Twitter proves to be even half true.  

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Take a look at this Tweet series posted by @quantian1 and see if it makes sense to you.

When he says (check) that’s his way of saying those are facts we already know about being true.  

He then connects the rest of the dots.

I’m not saying this is all true, I’m saying it’s a theory posted by @quantian1 and it sure does seem to make a LOT of sense, doesn’t it?

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Read and see for yourself:

Read the FULL Epstein little black book here.


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