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Minnesota Ready To Flip Red For First Time Since 1972?


Trump has done so well in his first term that his campaign manager has predicted that in 2020, he will win over 3 key states (New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Nevada) that voted for Hillary in 2016.

Now, another prediction has emerged: Minnesota, which has been a blue state since 1972, will break from the trend and vote for Trump in 2020.

Last election, Minnesota was already teetering on the line between voting Democrat and Republican. Over the last few years, underneath the Trump administration, our president’s economic policies have caused the state’s economy to flourish and grow like crazy.

Meanwhile, Dems have not been doing much else but talking big.

These factors have caused some to believe that Minnesota, will indeed, vote Trump in 2020.

Take a look:

The Star Tribune has more:

Minnesota has voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential election since 1972, the longest-running blue streak of any state in the Union.                                     

Lost in the media frenzy over the 2016 upsets in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania was just how close we came to pulling off an upset here in Minnesota. Trump came within less than 44,000 votes of breaking the Democrats’ winning streak, a margin of just 1.5%.        

To put that in perspective, if only one-quarter of the voters who cast ballots for one of the third-party candidates had instead voted for Trump, Minnesota would have joined the rest of the Upper Midwest in the Republican column.                        

Based on how close the outcome was in 2016, Minnesota could easily be the deciding state in the 2020 election, which will likely be every bit as close. That means every Minnesota voter potentially holds the fate of the country in their hands. It’s an incredible responsibility.                  

For the entirety of Trump’s presidency, Democrats and the media have expended their energy inventing and promoting conspiracy theories and tabloid scandals. Meanwhile, the president has focused on leading our country back to greatness and implementing his agenda. As a result, America has enjoyed historic prosperity, record low unemployment and the most precious blessing of all: peace.                                                                       

Minnesota’s economy has performed particularly well in the Trump era. A 3.3% unemployment rate is almost a cartoonish figure, rarely seen outside an economics textbook. Here in Minnesota, that low unemployment rate is a reality. Growth is also back to the level we were accustomed to before the Great Recession, driven here in the industrial north by a manufacturing boom that Democrats insisted could never happen in the 21st century. If the Democrats take back the White House in 2020, the good times we are currently enjoying will quickly come to an end.                                  

This election is not merely about sentiment and political tribalism, as some would have you believe. Like 2016, the 2020 election will have tangible, long-lasting consequences for the hardworking men and women of America.

What do you think?

Is Trump's outstanding performance in his first term so far enough to flip Minnesota red?


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