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Actual Holocaust Survivors Come Forward To Call Out AOC’s Ignorant Comments!


Young Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently called the detention facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border “concentration camps” – a blatant display of her own ignorance.

Even many members of her own Democrat party (save for Ilham Omar, unsurprisingly) have criticized AOC’s comments.

For example, left-wing New York mayor Bill de Blasio – the same guy who is trying to phase out processed meat – condemned her comments as wrong.

AOC made the sick, ignorant comments in an Instagram live stream.

BlazeTV captured the moment AOC said what she did and posted it to Youtube.

Watch what AOC said in that video here:

Now, survivors of Nazi concentration camps themselves have condemned AOC's comparison of the horrors they suffered through to the deportation of illegal immigrants, who lawlessly crossed the border into America.

Watch this video by Turning Point USA in which two Holocaust survivors speak out:

Fox News had the following to say about Turning Point USA's video with the Holocaust survivors:

Two holocaust survivors responded to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's concentration camp comments earlier this month, and their feelings were resoundingly negative.

AOC, D-N.Y., faced backlash for comparing border detention facilities to concentration camps during a June 17 Instagram broadcast and drew criticism from her own party. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, came out against her comments and called her "wrong" for comparing "entirely different realities."

"I respect her greatly and I feel very close to her in terms of philosophy, but of course she was wrong," he said. "You cannot compare -- what the Nazis did in concentration camps, unfortunately, is without any historical -- I mean, it's a horrible moment in history. There is no way to compare."

The two Holocaust survivors, Sami Steigmann and David Tuck, sat for an interview with Turning Point USA and said AOC's comments were ignorant and full of hubris.

"AOC -- look at me. My name is Sami Steigmann. I am a holocaust survivor. I went through it. How can you -- looking at my face, telling me that the camps we have in the South are concentration camps? What you are doing is you are insulting every victim of the Holocaust. Shame on you!" Steigmann said.

"I'm not only a Holocaust survivor, I was in a labor camp ... I was subjected to medical experiments and, later on, a German woman saved my life, when I came to the stage of dying of starvation."

Tuck, who has been through four concentration camps, said AOC's comments were purely political and don't reflect reality.

"My name is David Tuck. I'm a holocaust survivor. I was in four concentration camps. We have no concentration camps [in America]," he said.

"This is just a political comment. She's in politics. She's looking out for herself. There must be a purpose, a reason. Why would she say it? She wants to be popular? You can't be popular by annihilating other people. Don't talk to me about concentration camps," he continued.

Tuck went on to describe his experience in the camps, including the infamous Auschwitz camp in Poland and called America the greatest country in the world.

"The first camp was Posen Stadium. And then I went to Auschwitz. Then I went to Mauthausen, then I went to Gusen," he said. "Out of every 10 Jews, nine were killed. I was lucky. I still have the number on my arm. Nobody can deny that the Holocaust ever happened to me."

"I'd wake up in the morning and I'd say 'Please God, let me see the light the next day," Tuck added. "When I heard that we are free and I looked up in the sky and I said, 'tell me, where can I go?' And I came to America ... It's still the best country in the world. Enjoy life. We have no concentration camps here. God bless you all."

AOC told her Instagram followers the U.S. government is "running concentration camps on our southern border."

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Turning Point USA isn't the only organization to respond to AOC's heartless, flippant words.

The American Jewish Congress also has a petition in circulation, with the goal of letting AOC know "her comments won't be tolerated."

Check it out:

A Holocaust remembrance group also invited AOC to tour concentration camps to gain an understanding of what went on at them.

But, she refused.

Take a look:


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