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CNN’s April Ryan Shamelessly Slanders Press Secretary Sarah Sanders As She Makes Her Goodbyes!


How low can liberals stoop?

On Thursday, White House staff sent out invites to reporters for a farewell party for Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who is stepping down from her position by the end of the month.

Instead of putting aside political differences to honor Sanders’ time in office or simply ignoring the invitation, CNN analyst and WH correspondent April Ryan – whom Sanders has sparred with during her time as Press Secretary over liberal-leaning CNN’s news bias – pettily hurled insults at Sanders, making a big show about not attending the goodbye party.

Take a look at Ryan’s lack of shame on Twitter:

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Here's what Newsweek had to say about the situation and its background:

Veteran White House correspondent April Ryan has told Newsweek she won't be in attendance at the farewell party for White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that is being organized by two members of the White House press corps.

"I won't be there!" Ryan told Newsweek about her appearance at the event scheduled for Monday at an upscale D.C. restaurant.

HuffPost first reported on Thursday about the existence of the plans, which were crafted after last week's announcement from President Donald Trump that Sanders would be leaving her post in the coming weeks.

Ryan's comment comes amid a raft of criticism the prospective event has received from journalists online.

Derek Mead, the executive editor of VICE, wondered why the White House press corps "would fete someone who actively eroded trust in and value of your entire industry."

Sarah Jones, a writer for New York Magazine, wrote in a tweet that the idea was "disgraceful."

A former member of the White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) told Newsweek on the condition of anonymity that "it is absurd that this happened."

Anita Kumar, a White House reporter for Politico and a WHCA board member, organized the event along with her WHCA colleague Francesca Chambers, a reporter with the Daily Mail, according to HuffPost.

In a statement to Newsweek, Kumar said that the gathering is "not an official WHCA event" but an informal get-together for "reporters who have engaged with Sarah Sanders, many of whom have done so for years."

"This type of gathering is quite common, regardless of administration," the statement read. "We have organized similar events for the White [House] press corps in the past. All attendees are responsible for paying their own bill, including Sarah Sanders."

Sanders has famously clashed with reporters in the White House briefing room. When NBC News reporter Hallie Jackson pressed Sanders on potentially contradictory statements put out by the president about a bill that would renew warrantless surveillance powers, Sanders berated Jackson for asking the question.

"I think that the premise of your question is completely ridiculous and shows the lack of knowledge that you have on this process," Sanders said.

The press secretary has notably sparred with CNN reporter Jim Acosta. When Acosta asked Sanders about President Trump's derogatory comments about Christine Blasey Ford, who had accused then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Sanders replied that she had no problem defending Trump's comments and no problem telling the truth.

"I don't have any problem stating facts," Sanders said. "I know that's something you probably do have a problem with."

The Hill also gave more details:

White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan said she won't be attending a farewell event organized by two members of the White House press corps for White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday in Washington, D.C.

"I won't be there!" Ryan told Newsweek about the upcoming event at a D.C. restaurant.

President Trump announced on June 13 that Sanders was stepping down as press secretary after nearly two years serving as the president's top spokeswoman. Sanders, the daughter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R), replaced Sean Spicer in July 2017.

Ryan and Sanders clashed often during briefings and on Twitter, including during the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday in which Ryan questioned whether Sanders actually baked a pecan pie featured in a photo she shared on Twitter.

Fox News also said:

Ryan's video also came just after President Trump announced that Sanders would leave her post at the end of June. News surfaced that some White House reporters planned to throw Sanders a goodbye party.

"Sarah Huckabee, have your party. I won't be there," Ryan said during her video. "Girl, bye!" Sanders and Ryan have a history of tense confrontations while the latter has repeatedly criticized the former on television.

After Trump announced Sanders' departure, Ryan praised the decision and accused her of lying profusely.

"From the moment she stepped into that position, there were lies from that podium from her mouth," Ryan told CNN anchor Erin Burnett.

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