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The Numbers Are In and President Trump Broke Records! Blew Past Obama!

Can you hear the TrumpTrain a-comin?


🎶 Trump Train’s a-rolling;
Trump Train’s a-rolling;
Trump Train’s a-rolling, on down the track!

“Trump Train’s A-Rollin’!” (official music video)

Sorry, I just had that song stuck in my head as I was looking at pictures and numbers from Donald Trump’s Orlando Rally….you can just FEEL the Trump Train plowing down the tracks!

It’s picking up steam and not stopping baby!

So many people have emailed me since last night saying how much they loved the Orlando Rally and how electric it was.

And everyone is asking the same question:  how many people were there?

Did it break records?

How much money was raised?

I’ve got all the answers for you, and they’re VERY good.

YUUUUGE, you might say! 😎


First of all, the night broke all sorts of records for raising $24.8 MILLION in one day for President Trump’s re-election campaign!

Don’t underestimate just how important this is!

By comparison, it's reported that Joe Biden has taken nearly a full quarter (3 months) to raise $20 million.

Trump Strong!

Here are more of those details, as reported by Breitbart:

President Donald Trump raised a staggering $24.8 million in 24 hours on the day he officially announced he was running for re-election.

The numbers were released by RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Tim Murtaugh, the Director of Communications for Trump’s 2020 campaign.

“The enthusiasm across the country for this President is unmatched and unlike anything we’ve ever seen!” McDaniel wrote on Twitter.

“On top of an electric rally in Orlando, this shows huge Trump enthusiasm,” Murtaugh wrote.

The number includes the $14 million raised by the Trump campaign and the more than $10 million raised by Trump Victory, the joint fundraising committee with the RNC.

The campaign had set a $7 million goal for Trump’s kickoff rally day in order to top Democrat primary challengers record fundraising earlier in the year. Former Vice President Joe Biden made headlines for raising $6.3 million on his first day and Beto O’Rourke raised $6.1 million on his first day. Sen. Bernie Sanders brought $5.9 million.

Sen. Joe Biden teased his campaign had raised nearly $20 million in one quarter during a fundraiser on Monday.

Now, how many people attended?  

I haven't seen an exact number reported and when you have that many people it's not possible to count every single head, but the number appears to be more than 20,000 people!

To put that into context, take a look at some of these shots:

The arena appeared almost completely full:

President Trump himself put the number at 25,000:

Fox News reports that in a similar event for his 2012 re-election campaign, Obama drew only 14,000:

Many of President Trump's critics went out of their way in 2017 to assert that his inauguration in Washington attracted a smaller crowd than the inaugurations for former President Barack Obama.

But on Tuesday night in Orlando, Fla., it appeared that Trump drew a larger crowd for his 2020 re-election campaign kickoff event than Obama did for a similar event in Columbus, Ohio.

Orlando's Amway Center, which holds approximately 20,000 people, appeared to be filled to capacity Tuesday night, according to Fox News producers inside.

But when Obama launched his 2012 reelection bid with an event at Ohio State University in Columbus, that city's fire department estimated the crowd at only around 14,000 inside an arena that held about 20,000 people, according to Obama's campaign. The crowd was smaller than his average turnouts at comparable rallies throughout his first campaign for the 2008 election.

At that Ohio event, Obama supporters filled only about half of the arena while much of the upper deck remained empty, according to estimates by Politico.

On Tuesday night, Trump slammed "the fake news" media at the top of the Orlando event, saying they would heap negative coverage on him if he "didn't fill up the arena," even if there were only a few empty seats.
In the past, the Trump administration has faced allegations that it inflated the number of attendees at the president's events, most notably on Inauguration Day, when he claimed the turnout was more than any other presidential inaugural in U.S. history.
On Tuesday, Trump supporters flocked to the arena as early as 40 hours before the rally began, with one man lining up at 2:30 a.m. Monday for a rally that began at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Trump told the crowd in Florida that he "had 120,000 requests" for free tickets to the event, a platform he used to slam the media, Democrats and even his 2016 campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton.

And for the people who think Joe Biden is up 10 points in the polls on Donald Trump, I ask you what do your eyes and common sense show you?

Come on folks, does that add up?


We're Conducting Our OWN Poll:

Let's see how this one turns out!

NATIONAL POLL: Donald Trump or Joe Biden?



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