WATCH: Rep. Gaetz Orders Dems To Stop Harassing The Trump Family!


Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz just handed it to the Dems in the House!

Gaetz gave a brilliant brief summation of what happened following the release of the Mueller report, pointing out,

“Democrats believe that the right approach is to tweaze through all the president’s reactions to being falsely accused. Republicans believe that we should figure out what the root was of the false accusation in the first place.”

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He then declared, 

“It is past time to stop the harrassment of the president and the first family, to acknowledge those who engaged in false accusations for an extended period of time and to figure out how in the world such an accusation was able to be funded by the DNC, cooked up in the Obama White House, and then polluted by Russians!”

Give it to them, Rep. Gaetz!

Watch the awesome, bold video here:

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Gaetz's call to end the nonsensical harrassment of the Trump family over Dems' persistent Russia collusion fantasy was echoed in a few tweets posted by him, as well:

What do you think, is it time for Dems to finally shut up about "Russia collusion" and leave President Trump and his family alone?

I, for one, think the investigation shouldn't have even happened in the first place!

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