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Trump Praises Melania In Birthday Interview: “We Have Our Own Jackie O. Of Today… Melania T!”


Happy Birthday, President Trump!

Trump spent nearly an hour of his birthday Friday doing an interview with Fox & Friends, talking on a wide variety of hot button issues – the situation in Iran, Kellyanne Conway, Biden, and his plans to repaint Air Force One with navy blue and red.

On that last subject, Trump commented on the decision, “I like the concept of red, white and blue. It’ll look much better, actually. The baby blue doesn’t fit with us.”

The original baby blue and gold Air Force One paint job was overseen by JFK’s wife, Jackie. The president used this opportunity to praise his wife, saying,

“We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T.”

He added,

She gets no credit from the media but she gets credit from the people.”

Watch the full interview here for yourself. 

Praise for Melania is at the end (starting right around the 47:00 mark) but the whole thing is worth the watch!

News of Trump's praise for Melania is blowing up on Twitter.

Take a look:

Politico had the following to say about Trump's comparison of Melania to Jackie Kennedy:

President Donald Trump on Friday likened his wife to the beloved former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, saying, “We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T.”

Trump has often talked up his wife as a strong asset in the White House, and Melania Trump seemed to channel Jackie Kennedy during her husband's inauguration when she wore a powder blue dress and long gloves. 



The president’s comments on his wife came during an extended interview with "Fox & Friends" and were part of a larger discussion about Trump's plans to repaint Air Force One. When Fox’s Brian Kilmeade cautioned the president, saying that the current style had been “iconic for so long,” Trump replied that the color scheme no longer fit.

“I like the concept of red, white and blue,” Trump said. “It’ll look much better, actually. The baby blue doesn’t fit with us.”

SF Gate also commented:

President Donald Trump says his wife, first lady Melania Trump, is an icon on the same order of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.


Trump made the comparison Friday as he defended his decision to change the iconic Air Force One paint job devised under the former first lady's watch in the 1960s on the next version of the presidential aircraft due to enter service in 2024.

Additionally, The Hill said:

Trump made the comparison between his wife and the iconic first lady when defending his decision to paint the new Air Force One red, white and blue, replacing the baby blue color scheme picked by Kennedy Onassis in the 1960s.

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“It was Jackie O and that’s good. But we have our own Jackie O today, it’s called Melania. Melania. We’ll call it Melania T, OK?” Trump said during an phone interview on “Fox & Friends.”

The president said the first lady is a big hit among his supporters, in part because of how she dresses.

“When I go speak in big crowds — we have tremendous crowds and so many people are holding up banners, you know, ‘we love our first lady,’ ‘we love high heels,’” Trump said.

Melania is certainly a classy, respectable, beautiful, and fashionable first lady!

I think she's definitely going to go down in history as a "Jackie O."

What do you think?

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