Chuck Schumer Has Bitter Response To Trump’s HUGE WIN For the U.S.A. Over Mexico!


Is it any wonder that we constantly wonder, “do the Democrats actually want America to succeed?”

Because far too often, it feels like they would rather see Trump fail than America succeed.

Far too often, it seems like they’d rather do what’s best for their own interest and voting blocks than what’s in the best interest of America.

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Want another example?

No problem, Chuck Schumer just gave it to us today.  

In case you missed it, President Trump scored a MASSIVE victory for all Americans on Friday when Mexico caved to his demands.

Take a look:

So....was Chuck Schumer happy?

Not really.

He at least kind of acknowledged the win, I guess, kind of, halfway, half-heartedly....but then he posted this grumpy Tweet:

Chuck....why the big red ass over such a huge win for the U.S.A.?

You know, it reminds me of this:


In case you're wondering Chuck, here is a decent response.

Let Mitch show you the way:

And here are more GREAT replies and praise for our President on Twitter:



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