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Ben Shapiro: “Holy crap! If true, Trump was 100% right and I was 100% wrong. Good on him.”


Many of you might not remember this, but Ben Shapiro has not always been a huge Trump fan.

In fact, even right now he’s probably not someone you’d consider a Trump fan.

Want a little history lesson as a refresher?

Here he was in 2016 essentially calling Donald Trump a liar:

And even as recently as this week, he was taking shots at President Trump, calling him "Tariff Man" and saying what a total disaster Trump's tariffs would be.

Take a look:

The only problem?

It looks like Trump's tariffs may be working!

Big time.

And quickly!

And the reason I used the main image above that I did is because President Trump has not changed.

And while the far-left likes to use his quote as a derogatory thing, I have to say it's true!

Our President IS a "very stable genius".

He plays the Media and the Left like a fiddle, doing a better Columbo impersonation than Peter Falk.

In case you don't catch that reference, Columbo would make everyone think he was a bumbling buffoon, which got them to drop their guard while he investigated them, and then at the very end he'd let his genius shine through as he explained just what he'd been doing all along.

Some call it the "very stable Genius."

Some call it the Columbo routine.

Whatever you call it, you have to credit President Trump because he's been very consistent in his beliefs and actions. 

He's told everyone for 30 years he believes tariffs are one of the single biggest tools of leverage we have....if you're surprised by this, you're just not paying attention!  Or you think he's bluffing.

Either way, underestimate him at your own risk!

Which is a lesson Mexico (and Ben Shapiro) seem to be learning right now.

So I have to say credit to Ben Shapiro for owning his prior comments and crediting President Trump if his strategy works.

Here was the Tweet Shapiro just sent out:


The Western Journal explained more here:

A report by The Washington Post has conservative commentator Ben Shapiroadmitting he was “wrong” about the tariffs President Donald Trump has threatened Mexico with and that he was “100% right.”

On Thursday, Shapiro wrote on Twitter, “Holy crap! If true, Trump was 100% right and I was 100% wrong. Good on him.”

The tweet comes in reference to a Washington Post report that the U.S. and Mexico may be close to a deal to avoid the Trump administration’s tariffs if Mexico doesn’t stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

The president said the tariffs would start on June 10 and would “gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied.”

More here:

Thank you for giving credit where credit is due, Ben!

They're back in stock!


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