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Mueller Continues to Frustrate Dems, Refuses to Testify Publicly About the Investigation


Mueller is infuriating the Democrats.

House Democrats are seemingly growing increasingly frustrated with the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has repeatedly refused to publicly testify about the Russia investigation report.

Mueller’s reason for his refusal? He fears it will make him ‘appear political.’

For Democrats in Congress, who have seemingly struggled with accepting the results of the report, this decision by Mueller is proving frustrating and worrisome.

Democrats and the mainstream media continue to demand ‘answers’ as a result of the report’s release, and have called for multiple investigations and are mulling multiple subpoenas.

Call me crazy, but what if Mueller is hinting to the Democrats to simply move on? Maybe he is reiterating there is no substantial evidence there, and wants the focus to be on issues for a change?

According to Yahoo News:

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are pushing back on terms offered by Justice Department officials for special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony, objecting to a proposal for him to give a public opening statement before answering questions behind closed doors, according to multiple sources familiar with the negotiations.

The ongoing back-and-forth over the special counsel’s highly anticipated appearance to discuss the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and any efforts to obstruct the probe continues as Democrats battle with the administration over access to documents and witness testimony. A Justice Department official said Mueller’s team is “directly negotiating with the Hill.”

While House Democrats aren’t ruling out having closed-door testimony for portions of the report, they want to have Mueller answer at least some questions in a public setting.

The committee has been in discussions with Mueller’s team within the Justice Department over the past month. Sources have said that Mueller is seeking guidance from DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel ahead of any planned testimony to advise on what he can and cannot say.

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment about the negotiations.

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(MORE: Democrats continue extended talks with Mueller, DOJ over special counsel’s testimony)

While Democrats had initially hoped that Mueller would testify by May 15, the ongoing discussions mean that the special counsel will not appear on Capitol Hill before next month.

The House Intelligence Committee is also mulling options, as they are in talks with officials at the Department of Justice about potentially having Mueller appear before their panel.

They just won’t let this go.

Stay tuned for more developments as they happen.

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