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The ‘Firefighter Trump Prophet’ is Back With New Trump Prophecies!

And many have already came to pass!


My two favorite interviews of anyone is Dr. Dave Janda and Mark Taylor.

And they both routinely go on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog show.

If you don’t know Mark Taylor, you really have to check him out!

He’s the “Firefighter Trump Prophet” because he is a former firefighter who started writing down these prophecies he says God gave him, as early as 2011.  

And most were about Trump.

And many have already came to pass!

In fact, he was one of the first to prophesy that Donald Trump would not only run for President (when everyone thought it was a joke) but actually win!

Since then, he’s had many more prophecies come to pass, and they actually discuss all of those on this interview to prove he’s the real deal.

And folks, I’m hear to tell you I’ve been following Taylor for years as he made these prophecies and many seemed impossible or even weird when he said them.

But one by one, they came to pass!

Well, he’s back today with some new ones!

I don’t want to spoil it for you, you have to watch it for yourself, but let me just give you some highlights to whet your whistle!



– Donald Trump will not be the only Trump to be President!
– There is a connection coming between Don Jr. and JFK Jr….a Jr/Jr ticket?
– Might even be more than two Trumps to be President?
– Arrests are coming for some in the media!
– Some arrests for treason could result in the death penalty?
– Two Presidents will be “Taken” and three will be “Shaken” but note the emphasis on “Taken” (GB did not die of natural causes?)
– Many assume the second President to be “Taken” will be Carter, but Taylor doesn’t think so
– New energy sources will come out soon
– President Trump is trying to prepare the public for the justice that’s coming (it will be shocking)
– Lisa Page flipped?
– Some prominent media outlets will soon go out of business

How’s that for a list?

There’s more in there but I couldn’t list it all.

Please enjoy for yourself:

From the YouTube description:

Mark Taylor, author of the popular book called “The Trump Prophecies,” predicted there would be “military tribunals” the day after Trump was elected to the Presidency.  Taylor says, “I don’t know the timing of this, but I sense we are on the cusp of a lot of big stuff happening because of the FISA report coming out.  Justice is pouring down on the earth.  This is why I am warning about the false flag stuff . . . these guys are panicking, they are going to do anything and everything they can to change the narrative and keep the focus off of them.”Taylor also asks the question, “Are there indictments for the media?  I think absolutely yes, and it’s part of the tearing down process.  I think you are going to see some of these people go to prison for what they have done.” Join Greg Hunter to talk with former firefighter Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” which is newly updated and expanded.

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And for the first time, Taylor's publisher is releasing a new version of his book with updates to show each time a prophecy of his has come to pass.


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