Watch Americans Give Elizabeth Warren The VERY Cold Shoulder On Shuttle!


Talk about icy!

Not only were a shuttle-full of Americans not remotely star struck by riding a shuttle with Elizabeth Warren, they actually seemed downright disgusted!

This does not bode well for her presidential chances!

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Can you imagine the fanfare if Trump were on that shuttle?

It would be a love fest.

Nevermind that fact that our POTUS is a badass and he flies private wherever he goes (on his own planes before becoming President, and now on Airforce One).  


But if he were on a shuttle, he’d be swarmed with handshakes, high fives and “thank yous”, I have no doubt!

But Warren?

Well, watch for yourself:

My favorite is the guy who doesn't even find her interesting enough to stop looking at his phone. 

One glance and he was not amused.  

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Bye bye Liz.  

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