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Watch Americans Give Elizabeth Warren The VERY Cold Shoulder On Shuttle!


Talk about icy!

Not only were a shuttle-full of Americans not remotely star struck by riding a shuttle with Elizabeth Warren, they actually seemed downright disgusted!

This does not bode well for her presidential chances!

Can you imagine the fanfare if Trump were on that shuttle?

It would be a love fest.

Nevermind that fact that our POTUS is a badass and he flies private wherever he goes (on his own planes before becoming President, and now on Airforce One).  


But if he were on a shuttle, he’d be swarmed with handshakes, high fives and “thank yous”, I have no doubt!

But Warren?

Well, watch for yourself:

My favorite is the guy who doesn't even find her interesting enough to stop looking at his phone. 

One glance and he was not amused.  

Bye bye Liz.  

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