WATCH: Military Mom Interrupts Trump’s Speech to Say ‘Thank You’

Happy Mother's Day!


What a perfectly timed, touching moment for Mother’s Day.

Watch this great moment where President Trump’s press conference is interrupted by a military mom shouting out “Thank You!”.

You can see it catches President Trump totally off guard but he instantly lights up when he realizes what just happened.

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❤️ Our President has a big heart!


The video is already massively popular on Facebook:


Backup link to watch:

WATCH: Military Mom Interrupts Trump's Speech to Say 'Thank You'

Yet another awesome moment between President Trump and military mothers that you will never see in the mainstream media.God bless the troops and military moms everywhere this Mother's Day! 🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️

Posted by White House Brief on Friday, May 10, 2019


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