MASSIVE Lines As Huge Crowds Await Trump For Panama City, Florida MAGA Rally!

Believe your eyes


I have a saying I like to tell people when it comes to President Trump’s popularity:  Believe your eyes.

Don’t believe the lying, crooked media polls.

Don’t believe CNN.

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Don’t believe the “experts” (and yes, I put that in quotes).


I believe one of the main reasons President Trump holds MAGA Rallies all across the country is to put on a visual display to show his popularity.

To let the Deep State know that 63 million Americans (and now maybe 70 million?) have his back, and will riot in the streets if anything ever happens to him.


To show the world that if he loses the election, the math is not adding up! 

I believe they are VERY strategic.  

And boy did he put on a show tonight in Florida!

Take a look at these crowds:

By the way, the crowds are getting BIGGER, not smaller:

Loved this one:

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Tell me again how Trump won't win the black vote (what a joke!):

Watch it here:

You ready for 2020? ✅

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