Petition to Impeach Ilhan Omar Exceeds 10K Signatures After Omar’s Disgusting Anti U.S. Military Comments!

Can we hit 50K?


Do you think we can hit 50K signatures?

Shoot, we should be able to get 500,000 signatures at this point!

Who out there really thinks she should NOT be removed from Congress?

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Let’s see, first anti-Israel comments, then referring to 9/11 as “some people did something” and now something possibly even worse, if you can believe it.

Now an old Tweet has surfaced where she appears to either refer to U.S. Military or America in general as “Satan”.

Charming, Omar.  

Take a look:

As you can see, the Tweet was from 2017.

So not current, but not that old.  

But in any year, it's 100% DISGRACEFUL!


The Petition to remove her from Congress reads as follows:

Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar has repeatedly strayed beyond all boundaries of human decency.

Most recently Omar was caught on video downplaying the 9-11 terror attacks as “some people did something” in an attempt to defend the creation of Islamic terror-tied organization CAIR.

In addition, Ilhan Omar has made a series of disgraceful Anti-Semitic comments, calling Israel “Evil.”
In 2016, Omar wrote to a U.S. District Judge on behalf of a man convicted of trying to join ISIS, advocating for a lenient sentence.
In 2017, Omar argued against a bill in the Minnesota State House tooutlaw female genital mutilation, a sick and archaic practice.
Ilhan Omar’s pattern of conduct is a disgrace. We demand she be impeached.

And it quickly blew past 10,000 in support after the new anti-Military Tweet surfaced:


Don't forget this:

NATIONAL POLL: Should Obama Be Arrested and Tried For Treason?

Here is just some of the reaction online:



If you want Rep. Ilhan Omar THE HELL OUT OF CONGRESS, please sign the Petition below:


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