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Candace Owens Slams Warren For Trying To BRIBE Black Voters!


Elizabeth Warren’s poll numbers may be going down, but she’s not giving up!

She’s trying to get more voters by promising universal “free” college (paid for by taxpayers to particularly “open doors” for African-Americans) and to wipe out student loan debt by taxing the rich if elected!

Check out her tweet announcing her “brilliant” plan here:

Although Warren claims that her idea would alleviate the burden of college debt for many Americans (at the expense of the wealthy, which she doesn't even try to hide), her proposed plan is in reality an attempt to pay off black people to vote for her using taxpayer money.

See for yourself in this excerpt from an article Warren posted to Medium about her plan:

For decades, Black Americans were kept out of higher education by virtue of overtly discriminatory policies. Even as the civil rights movement rolled back racially discriminatory admissions policies, the stratification of our higher education system kept students of color concentrated in under-resourced institutions and left them vulnerable to predatory actors. Black and Latinx students are underrepresented in four-year public colleges and overrepresented in community colleges and for-profit colleges.

Nearly half of for-profit college undergraduate students are students of color. 95 percent of Black students attending a for-profit college took out student loans, and a staggering 75 percent of Black students who did not complete their program at a for-profit college defaulted. Many for-profit colleges have built a business model around sucking down taxpayer dollars while delivering a poor education primarily to students of color.

Across all colleges, Black students were on average nearly 20 percentage points more likely to need federal student loans. And because of factors like the size of these loans and discrimination in employment opportunities, Black students who finished a bachelor’s degree on average owed more than their original student loan balance after 12 years.

We must do more to correct these historical injustices and to ensure that opportunities are fairly available to everyone. My plan will:

  • Create a fund for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs). The fund will have a minimum of $50 billion, but the Secretary of Education will have the authority to increase the amount of money in the fund as needed to ensure that spending per-student at those schools is comparable to colleges in the area.
  • Make additional federal funding available to states that demonstrate substantial improvement in enrollment and graduation rates for lower-income students and students of color.
  • After an appropriate transition period, ban for-profit colleges from receiving any federal dollars (including military benefits and federal student loans), so they can no longer use taxpayer dollars to enrich themselves while targeting lower-income students, servicemembers, and students of color and leaving them saddled with debt.
  • Require public colleges to complete an annual audit that identifies issues creating shortfalls in enrollment and graduation rates for lower-income students and students of color and that proposes steps to improve those rates.
  • Prohibit public colleges from considering citizenship status or criminal history in admissions decisions.

African-American Republican Candace Owens, who made headlines a few weeks back for totally scorching another corrupt Dem, isn't scared to call it like it is.

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She is now shaming Warren for trying to bribe her way back into the running for 2020 Democrat presidential nominee.

Take a look at her blunt, scathing tweet made in response to Warren:

Other Twitter users with common sense are criticizing Warren as well.

Check it out:

Does Warren really think the African-American community is so dumb as to fall for such a stupid ploy? 

Apparently she does. And that's the real problem here.

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