MOVE ON: New Poll Is Bad News For Dems Who Want To CONTINUE Investigating Trump!

Meanwhile, Dems continue to commit career suicide?


Only the dumbest Democrats out there are still pushing for Trump to be investigated after the release of the Mueller report that completely exonerated the president.

Most Democrats and Republicans alike recognize the truth of the matter, and a poll performed by left-wing biased CNN proves it!

Check out the poll’s results, as shared by managing editor of News Busters, Curtis Houck, on Twitter:

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Yeah, even leftist media outlet CNN, whose poll most likely overrepresented Democrats, can't hide from the fact that most people have common sense and don't want to continue investigating a president who's done nothing but right!

Meanwhile, though, some Democrats are attempting career suicide by going with that 39% (or less if you take into account the bias of CNN) of delusionals out there still holding to the Russia collusion fantasy.

Take Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar for example, who tweeted:

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Still Support President Trump?

We'll agree with Ms. Omar that impeachment is our constitutional responsibility. That's why we're calling for her to be impeached from the House for her lack of patriotism and horrific comments about 9/11!

Adam Schiff is another Democrat (who should be investigated for collusion himself...) that is trashing his own reputation with false claims about Trump and the Mueller report.

Take a look at this video shared by The Washington Examiner on Twitter:

Get with the times and wake up to reality, Dems. Face the facts - the only politicians that the Mueller report proved engaged in criminal activity were from your own party, and everyone knows it but you!

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