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RIGHT ON: President Trump Just Posted: “It Was Total Bull___!”

Damn right sir!


Can I just say something?

I love this President.

I’ve loved him from the moment he first made that famous escalater ride in June of 2015.

Actually, much earlier than that even.  

I love how he speaks his mind and is never afraid to ruffle feathers.

Like the Tweet he just posted today, saying the entire Mueller Investigation was “total bullshit”. 

Damn right sir!  

And it’s wonderful to have an Alpha Male back in the White House leading our great country!

Here’s what the President just posted:

But that wasn't all.

The President posted a whole string of Tweets today showing that he's not backing down one bit.

If you think the 2-year investigation from the Democrats was bad, you are going to see something so much bigger, and tougher and shocking when President Trump brings his counter punch.  

He loves saying it:  "I'm a counter puncher.  I never start the fight.  But if you hit me, I'm going to hit you back twice as hard, so you'd better not miss!"

That's not a direct quote, but you get the essence.

And miss they did.  

They spent all the ammo they had for over two years and they came up totally empty!

And he's letting the Media hear it:

And here's the biggest indication of all from President Trump about what he's going to do next.

Check this out:

Let me translate that for you:

This goes all the way up to Obama and Hillary.  What happened is nothign short of sedition and treason.  Capital offenses.  We are going to act swiftly in administering justice, and it will be so severe that no one will ever think of trying to commit a treasonous coup in the United States ever again.

The President still wasn't done.

He had this to say as well:

I'm just gonna end this article with this word to the wise:

Don't kick the hornets nest, or you're going to get stung real bad!

But then again, the Democrats are not wise, so they'll end up like this guy and these kids:


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