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PROGRESSIVE: “SNAPCRAP” App Lets Users Report Poop They Find on San Francisco’s Streets

Illegal Immigration isn't the only problem in this sanctuary city!


San Francisco has more problems than just illegal immigration!

The city is covered in literal piles of feces (and we aren’t talking about Nancy Pelosi or Dianne Feinstein here.)

The excrement problem is so bad that an app, aptly named “SnapCrap,” was invented so that San Francisco citizens could report where human poop is located to send in a report and get the mess cleaned up.

Worse yet, it’s not just poop that SnapCrap was designed to help clean up. The city streets are also littered with used needles from drug abusers (that the city gives out freely to “help prevent disease.”)

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Let’s see how Twitter is reacting to news of this liberal dystopia’s problems:

CNet has more details about the app:

A new app called Snapcrap lets users take pictures of human poop on San Francisco's sidewalks or streets and send them to the city's Public Works Department to initiate a cleanup. 

Snapcrap, which launched on iOS last week and on Android on Tuesday, uses your phone's GPS to determine the exact location of the feces. You can also track recent tickets to make sure the issue is resolved. The app borrows from Snapchat's imagery, replacing the ghost logo with one of poop. 

"See something gross? Just snap a photo and press submit," Snapcrap's App Store description reads. It sends a report to San Francisco's 311 hotline

San Francisco is working to deal with its dirty streets as it struggles with issues of homelessness. To help combat the problem, it established a "Poop Patrol" in August, made up of five public works employees who patrol the streets and steam-clean dirty areas. The city also has a 311 app where people can report feces, as well as other things like graffiti or the need for streetlight repairs or tree maintenance. The city gets around 1,300 monthly requests to clean up human and animal waste, said Rachel Gordon, director of policy and communications at San Francisco Public Works.

The New York Post also commented:

A newcomer to San Francisco has created a free app to make it easier for people to report poop and used needles on the city’s famously dirty streets.

Sean Miller, 24, moved to San Francisco from Vermont after college last year and says he was astonished by the amount of public grime. His “Snapcrap” app was released over the weekend for iOS users and declares itself the “fastest way” to request cleaning in San Francisco.

“See something gross? Just snap a photo and press submit,” the app’s description reads.

NBC Bay Area had this to say about why Miller decided to make the app:

No, Snapcrap isn't a weird bathroom parody of Snapchat.

The new app released on Tuesday to iOS users is trying to help clean up the dirty streets of San Francisco, according to its developer Sean Miller, a San Francisco engineer who moved from Vermont to South of Market in 2017 and immediately took notice to the feces, needles and trash cluttering walkways.

Miller says he didn't know anyone when he moved to the city to work for Plivo, so he decided to move into a communal living space, The Negev, on the "somewhat notoriously filthy" 6th Street in SoMa.

That's when he got the idea for Snapcrap.

"A lot of people at the house would joke about the situation because it's obviously a bit comical, but we also realized it's a really serious problem and frankly it's a health hazard," Miller told NBC Bay Area.

The new app lets users snap a photo of the area in San Francisco that needs to be cleaned up, and then sends a report to the city's 311 hotline.

If you want more commentary on San Francisco's "progressive poo problem," check out Youtuber TheQuartering's video here:

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