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Ilhan Omar’s Response To Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral Met with Strong Criticism


Ilhan Omar and controversy just seem to go hand in hand these days.

More and more often, we hear backlash, even from within the Democratic party itself, at Omar’s comments on issues that matter, which have ranged from anti-Semitic to, most recently, failing to recognize one of the most famous and religious buildings in Europe.

As the Notre Dame cathedral burned, and as its spiral collapsed in the horrific tragedy, Omar referred to the cathedral as “art and architecture,” a “wonder.” But not a cathedral.

As you might have already predicted, tons of criticism over the vague and borderline insulting nature of the tweet was instantly met with strong criticism from many voices on the right.

NRA spokeswoman, Fox News regular and conservative commentator Dana Loesch was one of the many to weigh in:

Conservative radio talk show host Larry O’Conner also quickly criticized Omar’s choice of words, pointing out the simple, nonchalant reference to “art and architecture:”

Even former Congressman and current talk show radio host Joe Walsh felt the need to offer a rebuttal:

Most around the world marveled at the beauty of Notre Dame, and yes it is a wonder of art and an amazing feat of architecture, but it is a beautiful cathedral. The Notre Dame Cathedral.

At least the “sacredness” of Notre Dame did not get burned nor destroyed.

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