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Lindsey Graham Just Called for More Troops at the Border and an Overhaul of Laws!


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of the most significant and vocal backers of the Trump agenda, has just called for more troops at the border in response to the illegal immigrant emergency. And this time, he took it a step further: he wants a new immigration policy and an overhaul of the current laws.

“We have to change these laws so people stop coming,” Mr. Graham told Fox News during an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Doing what we are doing is not working … the crisis has to come to an end,” he added.

Graham is doing it right. The whole immigration situation is broken. The current laws only help the Liberal Socialist Agenda, not America as a whole.

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The wall is strictly damage control; a permanent solution would be to have Congress proactively change the exploitation of asylum, chain migration, and the voter fraud that comes with it. They also need to restore accountability from bordering nations. President Trump is doing everything he can to start the process, but Republicans like Lindsey Graham and their messages are key if the work is to be completed successfully.

According to Fox News:

Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that he is currently working on a drastic overhaul of the United States’ asylum laws in an effort to deal with the ongoing migration crisis at the country’s southern border with Mexico.

While Graham, R-S.C., agreed with President Trump’s call for more U.S. troops on the border and the need for a physical barrier, he argued that the only way to make real progress in combatting the flow of migrants over the southern border is to change laws regarding how and when the U.S. grants asylum.

If I were the president I’d send military troops to the border as soon as I could in large numbers,” Graham said during an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” “But we’re never going to stop this by just having walls and troops at the border. We have to change our laws so these people stop coming.”

Graham bemoaned a number of current U.S. policies for exasperating the immigration crisis, including one that prohibits sending migrant children from a number of Central American nations back to their home country.

“We need to be sending these kids back to Central America where they come from,” he said. “So I’m going to put a legislative package together right after the break. We’re going to mark it up in the Judiciary Committee and we’re going to get on with solving this problem.”

Graham added: “I’ve got to get a package that will deter people from Central America from continuing to come, change our asylum laws, make sure you have more than 20 days to deal with an unaccompanied minor and send people back to Central America.”

According to The Washington Times:

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday he will be introducing a proposal to change U.S. asylum laws, saying the only way to stop the crisis at the southern border is to toughen up asylum standards.

The South Carolina Republican said a wall and military personnel at the border helps control the flow of migrants coming from Central American countries, but won’t completely stop the problem.

He wants to change the time officials can detain a minor child to more than 20 days, saying the court decision now in place requires them to be released after 20 days of detainment, long before a family’s asylum case can be decided, causing many family units (and sometimes fake families) to be released.

Mr. Graham also said the law now only lets the U.S. return minor children to Mexico or Canada instead of the Central American country from which they came, so he wants to alter the law to allow the unaccompanied minors to be returned to Central America.

The senator said the people in Central America are aware of these quirks and have been exploiting them.

Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to the president, said Mr. Trump is ready for Congress to come up with a solution, saying so far both Democrats and Republicans have failed to act.

“We have an unserious Congress that is not coming to the table,” she said during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Ms. Conway, though, did echo some of Mr. Graham’s suggestions to alter asylum laws as a way to curb the migrant flow.

The renewed push to change current U.S. immigration law comes after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, signaled last week he’s willing to start negotiating with Democrats on a major immigration reform bill, saying something needs to get done and it will require the GOP making concessions.

Mr. McConnell said Republicans want to see action on border security and changes to the policies that create the incentives drawing migrants toward the U.S. right now — but said that will mean dealing with Democrats who control the House.

“I think it’s way past time for us to have an adult bipartisan discussion about our immigration laws and see what we can agree to,” he told reporters Thursday.

Asked whether that means he would entertain the broad “comprehensive immigration reform” approach Democrats say is necessary, Mr. McConnell signaled an openness.

“I’m willing to enter into a negotiation to see what we can do to fix the problems,” he said.

Now that President Trump has forced the radical Democrats to put their money where their mouth is, by promising to send illegals to sanctuary cities if the problem persists, let’s see if negotiation will actually take place. If Congress (the Democrats in the House) could do their jobs, maybe something would get done about immigration.

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