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Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff Lose It When Barr Says Trump Was Spied On!


The three stooges are at it again, but this time, the smell of panic is in the air.

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), cryin’ Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and little Adam “Pencil-neck” Schiff (D-CA) all rushed to condemn and oppose Attorney General William Barr’s comments from his hearing on Capital Hill on Wednesday.

During the hearing, the topic shifted to the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, starting in 2016, and culminating with a huge nothing-burger from Special Counsel Robert Mueller a few weeks ago.

When grilled by lawmakers about the investigation, Barr stated, ““I think spying did occur,” during his Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing. “But the question is whether it was adequately predicated and I’m not suggesting it wasn’t adequately predicated, but I need to explore that.”

This, predictably and quite comically, set off the leaders of the liberal left, sending them into a rage and leading to panicked statements about Barr and his comments.

According to The Hill:

“I am not saying that improper surveillance occurred,” Barr said. “I’m saying that I am concerned about it and looking into it, that’s all.”

The remarks triggered a wave of criticism from Democrats.

“Let me just say how very dismaying and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails yesterday and today,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters as she kicked off House Democrats’ annual “issues” retreat at a golf resort 35 miles northwest of Washington.

Barr “is the attorney general of the United States of America, not the attorney general of Donald Trump,” she said.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) in a statement accused Barr of using a “partisan talking point.”

It’s not a “partisan talking point,” nor is it a matter of fear, it’s the LAW… Barr will not be bullied or threatened into breaking the law for some pathetic Democrats.

Also, remember, disgraced former FBI employee Lisa Page testified under oath in front of Congress that the FBI was ready to charge Hillary Clinton and the DOJ said NO. If that isn’t obstruction, I don’t know what would be.

Plus, if this is truly faulty legal logic and untrue statements, as the Democrats have rushed to claim,  why would that faulty legal logic scare them so much? I mean, they would have plenty of opportunity to defend themselves in court.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Democrats attacked Barr over the claim and demanded he retract it.

“AG Barr admitted he had no evidence to support his claim that spying on the Trump campaign ‘did occur.’ AG Barr must retract his statement immediately or produce specific evidence to back it up,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., tweeted.

Pelosi issued an equally panicked response, according to Politico:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Attorney General William Barr was “going off the rails,” citing his public testimony over the past two days that appeared to support President Donald Trump’s claims that his campaign was spied on by the intelligence community in 2016.

“How very, very dismaying and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails,” Pelosi said at the start of Democrats’ annual retreat here.

Of course, the House is not releasing anything pertaining to this investigation, the Clinton emails, SpyGate, or other issues related to controversial events surrounding the 2016 election campaign. Why do that when they can leak it like everything else? That way they can control the spin, take things out of context, use unnamed sources citing undisclosed documents kept secret by unspecified agencies. You know, like always.

What say you?


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