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THE BRAVEST POLITICIAN? Nancy Pelosi Laughably Chosen to Receive “Profile in Courage” Award


Who is the most courageous politician in our nation? 

Is it our gutsy President Trump, who has consistently stood up for himself against just plain mean media lies, consistently called out corruption, and always taken needed actions to get things done despite receiving huge backlash from Dems?

No, apparently its Democrat puppet Nancy Pelosi…

Pelosi has been chosen to receive the Profile in Courage Award on May 19 from the only surviving daughter of JFK, Caroline, who named Pelosi “the most important woman in American political history.” (ha!)

The award is based off of a book connected to John F. Kennedy that detailed several politicians who stuck with doing what was right despite it being unpopular. 

When has Pelosi ever done anything against the crowd? Any sane person would be hard-pressed to find an answer. Democrats must be delusional.

Here’s the news that hit Twitter:

Pelosi confirmed the award and showed her appreciation of being chosen for her "bravery" on her own Twitter page:

It's almost sickening to see the Kennedy library's statement on Twitter about Pelosi's so-called "courage" and willingness to defend "vulnerable Americans," knowing that she is a proud supporter of killing the unborn and letting in dangerous illegal immigrants to our country...

JFK must be rolling over in his grave...

Some Twitter users are pointing out the hypocrisy of Pelosi being honored for her alleged "courageous actions" :

NBC Bay Area had the following to say about why Pelosi was chosen for the award:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been named the recipient of the 2019 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the late president, said in a statement Sunday that the California Democrat is "the most important woman in American political history."

Pelosi is being honored because of her efforts to pass former President Barack Obama's 2010 health care law and for helping Democrats reclaim control of the U.S. House during last year's elections.

Breitbart added:

The foundation cited Pelosi’s success as the first female House Speaker as well as the first to be elected Speaker to non-consecutive terms in over 60 years along with her thirty years in office.

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“Coming from Caroline, that’s an enormous compliment,” Pelosi told CBS Sunday Morning. “However, going with it are shoulders for other people to stand on. I’ve stood on many women’s shoulders, who have paved the way for us. And now we have to pave the way for others. So, it’s about the future.”

The Speaker remarked on her tenure, saying, “You have to be ready to take a punch, and you have to be ready to throw a punch. I’m in the arena. And I know that when you’re in the arena, this is what you should expect. But if you don’t have the courage, don’t get in the arena.”

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