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Mike Pence Just Schooled Eric Holder About MAGA!

Pence-1, Holder-0

Score this round to Vice President Mike Pence!

In case you missed it, Eric Holder called out Mike Pence by asking him when he thought America was “great”.

Why Do So Many Politicians Have Bruises Near Their Eyes Recently?

It’s a tired line used by the Dems in 2016 to no avail, but Holder tried it again recently.

Take a look:

Pence had the perfect answer.

And he didn't even need words, just four pictures.

Check out his perfect response:

The images included proud moments in American history like George Washington crossing the Delaware river during the revolutionary war, the moon landing (if you believe that sort of thing), civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. and U.S. Marines raising the American flag over Iwo Jima in World War 2.

All amazing moments (except maybe that faked moon landing, but I digress...).

Trump supporters then started to back up Pence with more proud moments, like this guy:

Holder quickly back-peddled trying to get out of the corner he backed himself into:

But the great "Deplorables" saw right through it and called him out:


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