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BREAKING NEWS: Senator Rand Paul Implicates Former CIA Director John Brennan!


Trump’s call to investigate the investigators is being answered!

In a recent development, Senator Rand Paul implicated former CIA Director John Brennan, claiming that a high level source told him that Brennan was the main advocate behind including the Steele dossier in the Mueller Report.

Check out his tweet:

The Washington Examiner has more on the story:

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Paul said the topic of a probe into the dossier “keeps coming up for discussion. How did all this get started.” He added that Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsay Graham has indicated it would open a probe.

Brennan has denied in the past that he included the salacious dossier, generated at the request of the Democrats, in Intelligence Community Assessment reports on Russian interference in the 2016 election during the final months of the Obama administration. But at least two other top intelligence officials said he did.

And Washington Post editor Bob Woodward also said that Brennan endorsed the dossier from Christopher Steele when he got a copy in late 2016. Woodward said that Brennan felt it matched the Russia collusion charges he had heard.

The dossier was never considered true until it was recognized in intelligence assessments and only after the late Sen. John McCain and top Obama officials helped circulate it, said Paul.

Brennan has remained an anti-Trump public official. After assailing the president in the media, Trump withdrew Brennan’s security clearance.

The dossier was underwritten by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. By indicating the Kremlin interfered in the election, it helped to fuel false allegations of foreign collusion with the Trump campaign, leading to two years of nonstop investigations.

Rand Paul has been very vocal in his support of the Trump Administration after the end of the Mueller Investigation.

Bretibart reported on a recent interview with Paul on his opinion of the report's findings:

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Host Neil Cavuto asked Paul if the findings exonerated President Donald Trump.

“Absolutely,” Paul replied. And I think this is a good day for America if we’re going to get beyond all this. I think it was a partisan witch-hunt from the beginning. The president has been exonerated. The Democrats and some in the left-wing media that promoted this, I think they need to apologize to the country, and they need to try to be more objective in the reporting and not create some kind of narrative that somehow President Trump is a Russian spy, which was ridiculous, but also insulting.”

On the obstruction of justice question, Paul said if there was no crime, the justice could not be obstructed.

“I think that you can’t obstruct justice when there wasn’t a crime,” he said. “How do you cover up for a crime that didn’t occur? So, if President Trump and nobody in his campaign colluded with Russia, which was the accusation if they didn’t do that, how can they be covering up for something they didn’t do? So I think it’s — this idea that where’s the burden? It’s sort of like, somebody stole some groceries in New York today. Are you guilty of it, Neil? Do you have to prove that you’re not guilty? Or should the government have to prove you’re guilty? It sort of turns it on his head, and it’s like, oh, the president needs to prove that he didn’t obstruct justice. No, that’s the government’s job. And they have a burden to prove it. They couldn’t prove it. But there also is no crime, so you can’t obstruct a crime that didn’t happen.”

On the other hand, Brennan has cowardly backed down on his "confident" claims that Trump colluded with Russia - a position he held for two years.

Watch him pull a 180 here:


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