Will Hannity Leave Fox News?


Fox News is certainly a shell of it’s former self these days, isn;’t it?

Let’s take a quick tour down memory lane:

Bill O’Reilly – gone.

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Rupert Murdock – gone.

Bill Shine – gone.

Judge Jeanine Pirro – suspended for what looks like 2 weeks.  Future uncertain.

Greta – gone.

Megyn Kelly – self destructed, then gone.

The good days are gone, and it’s looking like they’re not coming back!

Many say that Sean Hannity is the only guy still holding the ship together.

Sure, Tucker Carlson is great also, but when Hanntiy goes it’s the last of an era.  

And a new report says he's considering leaving at the end of his contract.

From LaCorte News:

According to a piece penned by author Gabriel Sherman for Vanity Fair magazine, veteran political commentator at Fox News Sean Hannity might be looking at the possibility of leaving the network once his contract with Fox is up, Hot Air reported

The story: Although the conservative talk show host has refused to comment on the matter, Sherman writes, "Hannity has told friends that he intends to leave Fox when his contract expires in early 2021, two people who’ve spoken with him said."

It's important to note there's been no confirmation of this report from Hannity himself or even from Fox News.

So it's all speculation at this point.

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But I can tell you this, one Hannity is gone, I am definitely gone.

And I may be gone sooner if they don't get this Judge Jeanine situation straightened out!


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