Fans React To Fox News Reportedly Suspending Judge Jeanine For SECOND Week

We are not happy!


Earlier this week it was reported by Breitbart that Judge Jeanine’s suspension would be two weeks.

Now today that report is being confirmed by many sources.

It’s still unclear whether the second week will be the final week, since Fox News has not yet given an official comment.

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Take a look:

Good thing Rudy Giuliani isn't on Fox News, or they'd probably suspend him too:

And by the way, in case you never saw the big segment that got her in so much trouble, here it is.

Judge for yourself:

So what do think?

Was that offensive?

Do you think it was wrong?

It was labeled Opinion.

Are we at a point in our Country where you cannot say that Congressmembers need to follow the Constitution?

A LOT of people online do not think Judge Jeanine did anything wrong and they reacted with gusto to the news of her second week of suspension.

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From famous blue-check verified people to regular everyday Americans, support for Judge Jeanine was STRONG!

Take a look:


Sign our Petition to add your support for Judge Jeanine:


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