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Husband Of ANOTHER ISIS Bride Now Wants To Return Home


How many “ISIS Brides” are there?

Apparently, at least two.  

You have Hoda Muthana, who wants to return to the United States.

And then there is Shamima Begum who wants to return to either the U.K. or now to the Netherlands.

Has the world gone mad?

No, let me break it down for you insane people… left your country to JOIN ISIS!

You literally joined the enemy.

You literally joined the one group on the planet who is trying to behead all Americans.  

No, you’re not allowed back!

Except, maybe we could allow you back if only to prosecute you for treason.  I guess that’s open for discussion.

But to think you just get to move back home and join some small town in Middle America?

Are you nuts?

Sorry, that’s rhetorical.  You ran away to JOIN ISIS.  You may in fact be nuts, because that is not sane thinking by any definition.    

The BBC has more:

The Dutch husband of Shamima Begum, who joined the Islamic State group in Syria in 2015 aged 15, has said he wants her to return to the Netherlands with him.

Yago Riedijk and Ms Begum married days after she arrived inside IS territory.

Speaking to the BBC, he admitted fighting for the group but says he now wants to return home with his wife and their newborn son. 

Mr Riedijk, 27, is being held in a Kurdish detention centre in north-eastern Syria.

He faces a six-year jail term for joining a terror organisation if he returns to the Netherlands.

In an interview with the BBC's Middle East correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, Mr Riedijk said he rejected IS and had tried to leave the group. 

He told our correspondent that he was imprisoned in Raqqa and tortured after the extremists accused him of being a Dutch spy.

Describing life under IS control, Mr Riedijk also said he attended the stoning of a woman for "fornication", saw piles of dead bodies in the city and lost an infant daughter to malnutrition.

He sits opposite me in a yellow plastic chair, 27 years old now, in a freezing interview room in a Kurdish detention centre. His guards have just removed his handcuffs.

If I see Shamima, he asks me to "tell her that I love her and have patience". 

"Hopefully soon we'll be together again and things will turn out alright, hopefully."

It seems unlikely that will happen anytime soon. 

Over the next hour, he paints a contradictory picture of an insulated home life, and a maelstrom of terror outside. 

Ms Begum, now aged 19, escaped with her IS fighter husband from the town of Baghuz, the group's last territory in eastern Syria, as the caliphate crumbled.

Mr Riedijk surrendered to a group of Syrian fighters, and Ms Begum and their newborn son, Jarrah, ended up among 39,000 people in the al-Hol refugee camp in northern Syria.

She has now reportedly gone elsewhere.

Mr Riedijk also told the BBC he saw nothing wrong with marrying Ms Begum - 15 at the time, while he was 23 - because it was "her choice". 

Describing how he met the schoolgirl from east London in the women's centre in Raqqa, he said he was initially not interested because she was too young.

He said: "To be honest, when my friend came and said there was a girl who was interested in marriage, I wasn't that interested because of her age, but I accepted the offer anyway."

He added that she had seemed to be "in a good state of mind".

Mr Riedijk, from Arnhem in the Netherlands, insisted: "It was her own choice. She asked to look for a partner for her, and I was invited."


He conceded "she was very young, maybe it would have been better for her to wait a bit", before adding: "But she didn't, she chose to get married and I chose to marry her."

Ms Begum left the UK in February 2015 alongside Amira Abase, also 15 at the time, and Kadiza Sultana, who was 16. Ms Sultana is believed to have been killed in an air strike in 2016.
The UK has revoked Ms Begum's citizenship on the grounds that she is a Bangladeshi national through her mother, who is a Bangladeshi citizen.

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