ISIS Bride: “Trump Needs To Study Up On The Law, Let Me Back In”

No, just no.


Well, this is really something.

Hoda Muthana is the so-called “ISIS Bride”, the woman who ran off to join ISIS to marry one of the ISIS members.  

Not what you would call a great career choice!

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Three kids later, she’s now discovered that deep within ISIS is not a great place to live and raise a family.

And she wants back in the U.S.

That part of the story broke last week, with President Trump and Sec. of State Mike Pompeo telling her “Access Denied!”

Take a look:

Now she's back and telling President Trump he needs to "study up on the law" and claiming she has a legal right to come back in.

Look at this:

Here's more on her new claim, from the IJR:

Pompeo claimed that, although Muthana was born in the United States, her father was in the country as a diplomat and, therefore, she doesn’t have U.S. citizenship.

While the Trump administration has made it clear they will not allow Muthana to return, she thinks they don’t have the legal basis to do that because she claims her father was not working as a diplomat at the time of her birth.

During an interview with CBS News’ foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata on “Face the Nation,” Muthana said that President Trump should “study the legal system” and let her return to the United States.

“I would tell [President Trump] to study the legal system. Because apparently I am allowed back. I have papers. I have citizenship. I have my dad’s documents. It’s apparent that he stopped working with the United Nations way before I was born.”

Muthana said she “ruined her life” by joining ISIS, but says she doesn’t regret the entire experience because she had her son, who she also claims has American citizenship.

“We’re still trying to win the case [against the U.S.] and hopefully we will,” said Muthana. “I know I am an American citizen and I know I have the right to come back.”

If the judge sides with Muthana on the citizenship question, she would still face criminal prosecution for her time with ISIS in the U.S. judicial system.

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