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GOD BLESS: Two (Very Different) Celebrities Make BIG STAND For Born-Alive Bill and Protecting Babies!


Stay with me on this….

This is kind of an odd couple, but we have an ex-porno star Jenna Jameson and star of Everybody Loves Raymond Patricia Heaton both coming out publicly to support the Born-Alive Bill.

And also to decry the sickness of the Democrats.

I know what you’re thinking before you even think it, so to those of you who are saying “who cares what a former porno star thinks” here’s why it’s important.

Folks, this is showing just how far gone the Democrats are. 

A porno star isn’t exactly “middle America” or “red state America” yet she took the time out of her day and put her name behind standing up for babies!  

She said how crazy the Democrats are to not protect babies born alive!

I’ve been telling you for the a few weeks now, the Democrats made a huge error in what they did in New York and Virginia and in voting down the Born-Alive Act.  

No sane American will support them and I’m seeing people online walking away from the Democrat party by the thousands! 

Do you want to be associated with the party who supports killing LIVE babies?

No, I don’t think so.

I gotta say, Jenna and Patricia PERFECTLY summarized the situation in these tweets:

Our friends over at the Western Journal had more:

A former adult film star and a Catholic mother are standing up against infanticide and sending a direct message to Democrats: Americans from all walks of life will not back down when it comes to defending survivors of abortion.

The outcry comes after the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act failed Monday in the Senate.

The bill would have compelled health care practitioners to “exercise the same degree of care as reasonably provided to any other child born alive at the same gestational age, and ensure that such child is immediately admitted to a hospital,” in cases where an infant survived an abortion.

Jenna Jameson, a former adult film star, was quick to react. She took to Twitter to air her frustration over Democrats’ votes, a move she likened to “essentially butchering babies.”

After the bill’s failure, Jameson flooded her Twitter account with pro-life messages and supporters flocked to spread her message.

The former actress even took a direct shot at Democrats who supported the bill, saying they are both “evil” and “damned.”

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Jameson was not alone in her ire for the bill’s failure.

Hollywood actress Patricia Heaton also took a stand against infanticide and Democrats who voted to keep it legal, retweeting messages slamming those on the left for their actions.

With a combined Twitter following of over one million people, Jameson and Heaton make an unlikely duo working to push a pro-life message to the masses.

It’s amazing to see God delivering this epic message from two women who have experience working side-by-side with the liberal cultural elite.

At a time when the left is pushing to solidify abortion and other degenerate and disgusting acts into law, it’s good to see people standing up for the lives of the unborn. While this may have meant traditional conservatives before, pro-life advocates like Jenna Jameson are proving to the world that this is not a political issue — it’s a matter of right and wrong.

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