Dr. Dave Janda: “DS In a Panic, About To Be Brought Down”

We’re big fans of Dr. Dave Janda here at WeLoveTrump.

We covered an interview he did with Greg Hunter recently, and if you missed that you’ll want to catch up on that here:

Dr. Dave Janda Believes McCabe Is Under Sealed Indictment, Explains The Motive Behind His Recent Statements

I just saw he has a new interview out and I just got done listening to it.

“Wow” is all I can say.

If even half of what he’s talking about is accurate, then we’re in for a WILD 2019 folks!

As always, I like to preface Dr. Janda’s videos by saying he’s not a news reporter.  He’s not reporting these things as hard news.  These are his opinions based upon his sources in Washington D.C.  So understand what you’re listening to here and weigh it based on everything else you’re seeing and hearing with your own senses.  

With that disclaimer, I’ve got the full interview for you below.

I think you’re really gonna love this, please enjoy:


We're ready for 2020, are you?

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Dr. Dave Janda: “DS In a Panic, About To Be Brought Down”

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