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Jim Bakker: Trump Is A Respite, Chosen By God So Christians Can Prepare For End Times!



I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

You’ve probably heard of Jim Bakker, the televangelist behind The Jim Bakker Show.

At times Bakker has stirred up controversy, but I enjoy listening to what he and his guests have to say.

And recently there has been a theme:  God chose Trump to be the President in order to give Christians a respite to prepare for the coming end times.  

That’s heavy stuff.  

Here are two short clips of a couple of those interviews:

Here's more, from BeliefNet:

Jim Bakker is a well-known End Times prepper in the Christian sphere. On one of his recent television broadcasts, he said that God told him that President Trump was elected in order to give Christians enough time to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.

“Have you ever seen a time when we hate our president like the people do now?” Bakker stated. “Literally half the nation hates the president and would probably kill him if they got a chance.”

Bakker prayed to God and asked Him why the climate was turning into the way it was. He stated that God told him “you are in Revelation, Chapter 6,” which tells of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Furthermore, God told Bakker that the first horse of the Apocalypse had been released on earth.

While the “Antichrist spirit” has been let loose on America, “God has given us a man who is not afraid to fight. We have a president people think is crazy. They call him crazy, but he’s making peace treaties, he’s doing all the things to try to solve the world’s problems and God has put him on earth—God spoke to me the other night, He said, ‘I put Donald Trump on earth to give you time, the church, to get ready.’”

“This is what He told me,” Bakker claimed. “He said, ‘Donald Trump is a respite in this troubled times and I sent him in grace to give you time to prepare for what’s coming on earth.’”

Bakker isn’t the first person to believe that our current climate is showing signs that the end of the world is coming shortly. There are many other prominent Christians theorizing that problems between the nations, lack of faith, and the like are prophecies straight from the Bible.


Here are two more clips:


And this, from ChristianPost:

Controversial televangelist Jim Bakker has claimed that God spoke to him as he was reading Revelation 6 in the Bible and told him that the first horseman of the Apocalypse has been released upon the world, with President Donald Trump being a "respite" before the End Times.

Bakker, who regularly talks about the end of the world on his weekly television show, and sells food items and survival gear meant to aid believers in perilous times, said earlier this week that he recently asked God some big questions in prayer.

"You need to give me some answers. What is going on in this crazy world — there is such warfare amongst our own people, in America," he pleaded.

He then said that he opened up his Bible, and God "brought me back to where I preach all the time, Revelation 6," namely the narrative about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Bakker shared with the audience the exact words that he says God told him:

"Now listen to me. Donald Trump is a respite in these troubled times, and I sent him in grace to give you time to prepare for what's coming on Earth."

Bakker argued that the first horse of the Apocalypse has "started to ride," as God revealed to him, and said that the horseman is not Jesus Christ, but the "evil spirit of the Antichrist" that is "conquering the world."

He read from Revelation 6:2: "And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

The televangelist interpreted that the rider is "riding throughout America," and that "he hates the Gospel, he hates the United States."

He urged believers to prepare for the end of days and for the harvest times that are coming.

"God has given us a man who is not afraid to fight. We have a president people think is crazy," he added, speaking of Trump.

"They call him crazy, but he's making peace treaties, he's doing all the things to try to solve the world's problems and God has put him on Earth. God spoke to me the other night, He said, 'I put Donald Trump on Earth to give you time, the church, to get ready.'"

Bakker, who lost his Praise the Lord Ministries in the 1970s and spent five years in prison for financial wrongdoing, claimed last month that Trump is being targeted with assassination attempts.

He said that "there are probably 100 hitmen hired to kill Trump, or more. I know this in the spirit. He is so hated that they want him dead."

Speaking of his time behind bars, he reflected: "There are people I've met in prison that for not money, but for fame, would kill the president if you gave them a few hundred dollars."

While there have been various claims and analyses about how Trump's presidency fits in with End Times narratives, including by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson, authors of Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, other biblical experts have refuted the suggestions.

Some have speculated that the U.S. president is "the last trump' before the End Times mentioned in I Corinthians 15:52. Dr. Samuel Lamerson, professor of New Testament and president of Florida's Knox Theological Seminary, told The Christian Post in January 2017 that such connections are "ridiculous," however.

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