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Alyssa Milano Is Being REAMED Online Over Her FLIP-FLOP On Jussie Smollett



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Things are not going well online for Alyssa Milano.

If you’re saying “who?” then let me explain.

Alyssa Milano was popular in the 1980s when she was on Who’s The Boss.  

After that she dated or married a bunch of baseball players and then recently has seemingly devoted much of her life to hating Trump and being far left.  

So, does that catch you up?  

So when Jussie Smollett came along, she fell for it hook-line-and-sinker.

Take a look at what she Tweeted back on January 29:


Turns out his "racist, homophobic, violent" attack was committed by.....himself!  On himself! 

Oh the irony.  

To be fair, Milano was far from the only celebrity or talking head to fall for the bait and eat it up like cat nip.

But since then, everyone had been waiting to see what she'd say after the hoax and total fraud has been exposed.

Well....wait no more.

She (finally) commented on the fraud with this Tweet:

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Well, as you can expect, this Tweet was not well received online.

Here are just SOME of the responses Milano received:


This Man Was Almost Framed, But Truth Prevailed:

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