Nikki Haley and Don Jr. Have Perfect Responses To Jussie Smollett FRAUD!


So as they say…..”it’s all over but the crying”.

Jussie Smollett has been exposed as a total fraud, at least that’s according to the police and prosecutors who have now charged him with a FELONY!

But he doesn’t seem to really get it.

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I’ve seen no apology.  

I’ve seen no remourse.

I haven’t even seen him own it.

And the same goes for the Media!

They fell for this charade hook-line-and-sinker and I’ve seen virtually nothing from them.

So leave it to Nikki Haley and Don Jr. to give the perfect responses.

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Take a look:

I agree with them both 100%!

Why is it that all the common sense is always on the Right?

Makes you wonder huh?

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