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Why Will Congress Fund Border Security For OTHER COUNTRIES, But Not the U.S.A.?


Isn’t that maddening?

Somehow, Congress has no problem finding the money to fund border walls in multiple other countries….just not in OUR OWN country.

Stunning, isn’t it?

They also don’t seem to have any “moral objections” like they do to one in OUR OWN country.

It almost makes you wonder if they’re being disingenuous?  (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

But it's true.

Take a look at these details, from our friends over at Breitbart:

American taxpayers are continuing to fund border security measures and border walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Lebanon with President Trump’s signing of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill.

While the United States-Mexico border received only $1.3 billion for construction of a border wall at the overwhelmed southern border with soaring illegal immigration, foreign countries are getting help from American taxpayers to secure their borders.

The Republican-Democrat spending bill signed by Trump last week provides Pakistan with at least $15 million in U.S. taxpayer money for “border security programs” as well as funding for “cross border stabilization” between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In total, the spending bill provides about $6 billion in American taxpayer money to finance foreign militaries, some of which can be used by Lebanon to “strengthen border security and combat terrorism.”

The spending bill provides about $112.5 million in U.S. taxpayer money for economic support for Egypt, including $10 million for scholarships for Egyptian students. Egypt’s military receives about $1.3 billion in the spending bill, some of which can be for border security programs.

Additionally, the spending bill includes:

Meanwhile, illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border has swelled in recent months. In December 2018, the last month for illegal border crossing totals, there were close to 51,000 border crossings. The month before, there were nearly 52,000 border crossings. Experts project there to be at least 606,000 crossings this year at the southern border, a level of illegal immigration that surpasses nearly every year of illegal immigration under President Obama.

Here's what Tucker Carlson had to say:

TUCKER CARLSON: The estimated cost of a border wall is about $25 billion. That is estimated so let's say it is twice that. That is still a tiny fraction of the price of the pointless stalemate we're now waging in Afghanistan. That costs about $45 billion every year, not including the human cost. Compare that to $25 billion needed to restore sovereignty with the wall.

And yet this is strange, nobody in Washington seems to be upset about the price of the Afghanistan debacle. A lot of people here are getting rich on it and maybe that is the difference. You also hear endlessly, usually from people who live in gated communities, that walls just don't work. But if that is true, why is Congress happy to pay for border barriers in Jordan, Tunisia, and Israel?

Nancy Pelosi says that walls are immoral, but for some reason, she is not flying to Jerusalem to lecture the Israelis about how they are wasting U.S. aid building walls that don't work. Israelis know how effective walls are, that is why they have them. Israel's wall on the Egyptian border almost completely halted illegal immigration from that country. In fact, by some measures, not one person came over once they made it taller. It turns out there is a limit to the height of ladders.

The truth, as you know and as usual, if precisely the opposite of what they're telling you.

The left fears a border wall precisely because it would work, and could keep working long after President Trump leaves office. That is why, when pressed, invariably they fall back on their signature argument: racism! Border walls are racist!

It is just projection. Look around, who is angry, who is yelling, who is hysterical? The left. Permanent Washington and their servants in the media. They're the ones who are terrified. They don't want a real debate about immigration or a lot of other mindless policies they have been benefiting from for many years. They hate Trump for forcing a debate on immigration and they hate you for agreeing with him.

And more from Tucker:

TUCKER CARLSON: The battle in Congress over the border wall is still ongoing, now into its third week. Large swathes of government remain shut down, trash remains on the ground.

The president says he will not give in until he gets funding for a border wall. The president plans to address the country Tuesday night and travel to the Mexican border on Thursday. On the Democratic side, meanwhile, the battle lines remain exactly in the places they were last week. They won't allow the wall to be built under any circumstances, they've said so many times. Mainly because of the risk it might actually secure the border. They can't say that out loud, needless to say, so they've come up with other storylines.

They argue that because walls have worked well for thousands of years, somehow they won't work now...

Here's another talking point. Walls are just immoral. Whether they work or not...

In case you're keeping track on your morality chart at home, walls are moral, in fact, more than moral, laudable, when they're built in Jordan, Israel, or Tunisia, with American backing. When they're built here to protect our own population, they are immoral. Okay. 

And from American Thinker:

The current fight is over a mere $5 billion in funding for a wall – or a "fence" if the term "wall" is offensive, but a physical barrier between two nations, controlling who and what traipses from one country to the other.  The federal budget is $4.4 trillion, meaning wall funding represents about a tenth of a percent of the budget, a rounding error.  What else are Nancy Pelosi and colleagues spending money on?  How about foreign aid?

The 2019 federal budget requests nearly $27 billion in foreign aid for economic development, health, humanitarian assistance, peace and security, and other objectives.  This is over half the cost of securing "[t]he entire international land and maritime borders of the United States" something Democrats were keen about in 2006.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006 budgeted $50 billion over 25 years to control America's borders.  Unfortunately, Congress appropriated only $1.4 billion and forgot about the rest.  The foreign aid request above was for one single year.  Two years of the foreign aid budget spent instead on U.S. border security would create the type of physical borders so common in the countries we are generously supporting.

Fund the world, but not America.

It's instructive to compare the current administration to the past one, since the media treat the last administration as the Second Coming and the current administration as the Fourth Reich.

In 2012, Congress appropriated $40 billion in foreign aid, a billion more than what was requested.  In 2013, the amount went up to $43 billion appropriated.  The following year, 2014, $42 billion was appropriated.

Let's look at what was actually spent on foreign aid in Barack Obama's final year of 2016: $31 billion total – more than half of what America needs to insure its own "peace and security."

Countries receiving American taxpayer largess include Pakistan, $687 million, the same country that provided sanctuary to Osama bin Laden.  Seven point two billion dollars went to Afghanistan, with not much to show for it other than its opium products finding their way through our unsecure southern border.

Five hundred seventy million went to Syria, a country where I thought Obama was calling for regime change.  Even China received $20 million.  I thought China was our geopolitical and economic adversary!  A few hundred million each went to most African countries, quickly adding up to the grand total of $31 billion.

This is not to say that all foreign aid is bad, as clearly, it is not.  America is the most generous nation in the world.  Much of our foreign aid is lifesaving. Much of it is also wasted or filling the Swiss bank accounts of foreign thug leaders – or worse, finding its way into the bank accounts of those who appropriated the money from the U.S. Treasury.

How else to explain members of Congress living in multimillion-dollar mansions or having net worths in the tens of millions while earning a congressional salary of under $200,000 per year?

An old proverb says, "Charity begins at home."  Even the Bible reinforces the idea in 1 Timothy 5:8: "Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

American taxpayers are footing the bill not only for foreign aid, but also for illegal immigration, which costs U.S. taxpayers $115 billion a year.

Then there is the human toll, from Kate Steinle to police officer Ronil Singh.  Or the previously deported illegal alien who viciously raped a woman in New York.  Or another previously deported illegal who raped a child in Philadelphia.

And from SOFMag:

Why is Congress happy to pay for border barriers in Jordan, Tunisia, and Israel?” Tucker Carlson of Fox, without giving further details.

“Nancy Pelosi says that walls are immoral, but for some reason, she is not flying to Jerusalem to lecture the Israelis about how they are wasting U.S. aid building walls that don’t work. Israelis know how effective walls are, that is why they have them,”

Israel-West Bank: The border wall — actually much more a security fence — was constructed in the wake of the 2001-2002 terror campaign in Israel. Almost immediately, the number of successful terror attacks in the Jewish state dropped by 90 percent according to  

Cyprus: It was the United Nations which built a wall dividing Cyprus between the northern Turkish portion and the remaining Greek section after Turkey invaded and occupied parts of the island nation in 1974. To cite international law as opposed to walls is, therefore, nonsense since the United Nations created the precedent according to AEI.

“Democrats funded a 287-mile wall in Jordan last year — but won’t fund a border wall in the U.S.,” writes Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft. “Nancy Pelosi argued this week that ‘walls are immoral.’ Chuck Schumer called President Trump’s stand against open borders a ‘manufactured crisis.’ But less than one year ago Pelosi and Schumer approved funding on a 287 mile long border wall — in Jordan, ” Washington Times reported.

“The 2018 omnibus spending bill provides just enough funds to build 33 miles of fencing on the Texas border — but it also provides $500 million to help Jordan build a wall and defense line against jihad terrorists trying to cross its 287-mile border with Iraq and Syria,” analyst Neil Munro wrote in a report published March 22, 2018, according to the Washtimes report.

To keep out Islamic State terrorists, the Saudis are building a 600-mile-long barrier — complete with five layers of fencing, underground movement censors and radar cameras — on their northern border for fear of ISIS infiltration, reported in 2015. Citing Jane’s Defense Weekly, the report said that the barrier will be six miles deep with 79 watch towers. Monitoring will include thermal imagers and battlefield radar systems capable of detecting individuals at a distance of 12 miles and vehicles at up to 24 miles. The barrier will be patrolled by border guards and 240 rapid-response vehicles.

The U.S. is subsidizing Turkey, which is building a wall along the Syrian, Turkey Border.

Pakistan, heavily subsidized by the U.S. is building a wall.

Walls do have a history of doing their job and, indeed, they are the tried-and-true go-to strategy almost everywhere that security or illegal migration is a concern, Aei wrote

Send Nancy PILLosi a Brick! Tell Her To BUILD THE WALL! 💥


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